LolitaLolita Je Roman Koji Je Uveo Novu Rije I Pojam Ene Djevoj Ice U Na E Individualne Rje Nike Jedan Od Klju Nih Pisaca Na Eg Vremena Napisao Je Neodoljivo Ironi Nu Knjigu O Erosu I Njegovim Neobi Nim Putevima, Koji Uvijek Otkrivaju Najvi E O Na Oj Unutra Njosti Istodobno, To Je Pri A O Nostalgiji, Sje Anju I Kreativnoj Imaginaciji Pri A O Humbertu Humbertu I Njegovoj Strastvenoj Fascinaciji Lolitom Do Ivjela Je I Dvije Zapa Ene Filmske Verzije Koje Potpisuju Stanley Kubrick I Adrian Lyne. Between the CoversAfter re reading Lolita , I asked my local bookseller if she d ever read it.She replied firmly, No and I m not going to either He s a paedophile A bit taken aback, I enquired further, Who The author or the character Fortunately, she replied, The character For me, this exchange showed how much Lolita can still sharply divide opinion, even within lovers of fiction.This wasn t the conversation I had been hoping for.I had read Lolita in a couple of days, less time than my work commitments normally allow me, but I found it incredibly easy to read.Even though I was taking notes, even though I was conscious that Nabokov was playing games even if I didn t always know what game , even though there were unfamiliar words I should have looked up, I was constantly drawn towards the conclusion.I wanted to talk to someone about my experience straight away.My cheeks were still flushed, my nerve endings were still tingling, I had experienced the spine thrill of delight , I felt like I had just had sex with a book.Now, not being a smoker, all I needed was some post coital conversation.And there was no one around to converse with.And the book wasn t giving away any of its secrets than it already had.Nor was it going to tell me I had been a Good Reader or that it had appreciated my attentiveness.It wa
Once, a long time ago I was an 11 year old girl I did not always appear my age, nor act it I was long and lean and blonde and full of the confidence that only a young child can exude Me, circa 1998 A ripe 11 years old thinking I was to be America s Next Top Model Ha It was around this time that my body began raging with hormones and ideas about boys and love I was introduced to sex at a young age My sister being 4 years my elder thought she should show me the ways of the world And boy did she introduce me to a whole lot Beer, cigarettes, make up, older boys and of course the birds and the bees But I was a weird kid I know, I m a weird adult too Funny how that works. I was always just outside the social realms of the cool kids I wasn t quite nerdy enough for the nerds either I fell somewhere in the middle and made a lot of people uncomfortable There were a select few who understood me and my slightly off personality Me circa 2000 at the age of 13.One thing that can be said is that I was always willing to laugh and to make others laugh I was wild and free I cared little what others thought and went wholly into every endeavor.Me around the age 13 still And yes, I am riding a sled down a slide in the middle of summer because why not It was when I was 14 that a lot in my life changed There was an older guy who hung around my house with my sister s fri
Now, this is going to be embarrassing to admit.As we all should know, reading and enjoying a book is largely about interpretation People are not the same and we all view things differently one individual might see a relationship in a book as passionate while another could see it as damaging When characters make bad decisions, some will view it as stupidity and others will view it as an accurate representation of humanity s imperfections Not only that, but time often changes the way one person sees things A teenager does not usually have the same outlook on life and relationships that someone of thirty does, and neither of them have the same outlook as someone of seventy does.So it s time that I admit, when reading this at thirteen, my younger brain actually romanticised Humbert s depravity and saw the relationship between him and Lolita as some tragic love affair It was surprise, surprise Tatiana s review that made me wonder if I d had a screw loose when reading this years ago Her interpretation was so far from what I remembered that I simply had to find time for a
I wasn t even going to write a review of Lolita after finishing it, because, honestly, how many reviews does this classic need That is, until I started pocking around and reading what others have to say about it Many reactions to this book are puzzling to me In this world of Jerry Sanduskys and such, there are still people who find this erotic, who in the end feel compassionate towards the narrator, who think that Lolita was the one who seduced and manipulated poor Humbert Well, I beg to differ Lolita is as erotic as Speak is pornographic As for favorable opinions of Humbert, I guess it is possible this effect can be attributed to Nabokov s mastery of deception Clearly, Humbert still, half a century after the novel s publication, manages to fool readers, and himself, into believing that he is a dedicated, caring lover, wounded and changed by an early tragic romance Only occasionally does the truth bleed through his self delusion Lolita s wistful glance at a child sitting on his father s lap, a simple act that is forever sallied by Humbert s filth, her disinterest in life, her resignation to satisfy him for pocket money and permission to participate in a school play No, Humbert did not fool me into feeling sorry for him On a techn
An old friend used to say that Ulysses was a good book to read but not a good book to read After reading Lolita I understand what he meant.Nabokov was a man obsessed with word games and this book is crammed cover to cover with many brilliant examples Language delighted the man and that certainly comes across What makes this acheivement even amazing was that English was his third or fourth language It is mind blowing that he or anyone could write so fluidly in a foreign tongue If this was enough to make a novel great then this would be one of my top ten.But what if, as a reader, you demand that an author make his characters compelling and the narrative involving I would say then that this book is not for you Humbert and Dolores Haze Lolita only ever to my mind become three dimensional at odd moments here and there He comes off as a mincing, foppish but ultimately unbelievable sort I never bought into him until very near the end when for a few sentences Nabokov makes his remorse credible But it is too late for that I was already annoyed as hell by his rococo narration The character of Lolita as well is shrill and one note through out Only intermittently does she come acros
Nymph Nymphet Nymphetiquette Nymphology Nymphism I will never think of 12 year old girls the same way There s a stain on my brain The power of this book is that it s creepy and taboo, but the pedophilia and incest is so damn plausible There s a criminal, upsetting proclivity of the subject matter, but the whole thing is oiled with reason SAY IT AINT SO It s deviant, queer, puerile, and yet ever so human, darkly human, perverted in the corner Lolita lingers in my mind, like an accidental glance at the mid day sun I believe this book will have a permanent effect on me I m thankful, but cautious It s a book that I experienced, not so much as read There are 2 components to this book that radically affected me, the writing and the subject matter.The WritingI have never read another book written quite like Lolita The writing has depth, layer upon layer, strata against strata, texture among texture It s a palimpsest of clues and anagrams and reference The author has absolute command of the English and French and Latin language And yet, among the 4 dollar words and b
Pushing the boundaries of what acceptable literature can actually be, Lolita is very much a piece of art For many years I kept hearing about this book, the content sounding disturbing and perhaps even slightly fascinating It s a book that s central theme is one of the darkest elements of mankind paedophilia And although such a thing is beyond revolting, it is used to tell the tale of a very lost and very lonely man Humbert is a man to be pitied, pitied because he actually exists A child in a man s body, unable to move on from what was to him the most perfect memory Humbert s obsession with youth takes on the form of paedophilia he becomes attracted to this idea of purity and develops strong sexual feelings towards it Humbert knows he is a monster, but he just doesn t care To him his feelings are perfectly justifiable, natural even He has an incredibly distorted view of the world thus, we see the world through the eyes of an extremely unreliable narrator Perhaps unreliable is the wrong word He reports what he sees with utmost honesty however, his perceptions of these experiences
LUST AND LEPIDOPTERY Legend of a Licentious Logophile 1 Libidinous linguist lusts after landlady s lass.2 Lecherous lodger weds lovelorn landlady.3 Landlady loses life.4 Lascivious lewd looks after little Lolita.5 Lubricious Lolita loves licking lollipops lambitively.6 Licentious l

After dusty years in my bookshelf, finally I decided to read Lolita I am blown away by this Vladimir Nabokov s work, ironic and dramatic at the same time I am not shocked, nor I have found those disastrous tones of an announced tragedy that I was expecting from this book Indeed Nabokov tells us that this work

brings along no moral For me a work of fiction exists only if it gives me what I frankly shall call aesthetic pleasure The main character, Humbert, describes in a precise and often sarcastic way his syndrome, i.e the uncontrollable attraction towards those he defines nymphets based on a rigorous combination of age, attitude and style of dress, a lethal mix that can catapult him into an abyss of irrationality Some normal dalliances had in adolescence or adulthood are worthless Something is wrong in our antihero, which plans convenience marriages or improbable assassinations just to satisfy his ecstatic passion Playing the dual role of fugitive and pursuer in a long road trip, the wretched fa
I once represented a man who had been accused of statutory rape and sexual exploitation of a minor I did it because it is my job and I fundamentally believe that everyone, no matter how heinous the crime alleged, deserves a fair trial.That said, it was the single most unpleasant experience of my legal career and high in the running for most unpleasant all time.In popular culture we are inundated with scenes of crime and violence, we live in a morally relative landscape where to each his own is taken to Bohemian extremes.But sexual attention towards children, in any context, is universally reviled and vilified.Lo Lee Ta.Vladimir Nabokov s 1955 novel is masterful prose Like Joseph Conrad before him, it is understatement to say that his virtuosity in English not his first language literature is impressive.Yes, it is about a pervert, a sex offender, a child rapist A brute A monster.Humbert Humbert names himself such Whether sympathetic chronicler or unreliable narrator I will leave for each reader s interpretation, but either way Nabokov has demonstrated his consummate skill with a character as enigmatic and iconoclastically established in modern literature as to be a shadowy lurker in the black alleys of our most maligned society.Nabokov s narration, told from the prison diary of HH, is erudite, witty and humorous The author s stylish ability is incompar

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