Legend of Enderman

Legend of Enderman The Secrets Of The Endermen Revealed Who Are The Endermen Where Did They Come From Why Do They Hate Being Looked At In The Eyes The Following Legend Is About The Origins Of These Creepy, Purple Creatures This Story Answers All Of The Questions That Players Have Been Dying To Know Follow The Story Of How The Endermen Arrived In The Minecraft World Based On A True Story, With Fictional Elements Included. Good kids book videogame tie in Just the right amount of scary for the younger readers Some of the descriptions got a bit repetitive, though, and the ending felt rushed and a little too clich , but, like I said, it s written for a younger audience I still enjoyed it. Awesome BOOK LOVE THIS BOOK WOW LOVE IT SO I LOVED IT SO MUCH I READ IT FOR 1hour BUY THIS BOOK SO WERTH IT PLEASE BUY IT. Best book everBest book everI love this book uhh, I do not know what to write balaclava um yay I have a chance of winning the world. The bookthe book is good but free when I purchased it it s a pretty good book but everyone knows that s not the real story of the endermen it was amazing