The Last Vampire

The Last VampireJe M Appelle Alisa Perne Je Suis Intelligente, Plut T Cultiv E Et Dot E D Un Formidable App Tit De Vivre.J Ai De Superbes Cheveux Blonds Et Des Yeux D Un Bleu Lectrique Bref, Tout Pour Plaire Et Pour Tre Heureuse.Il N Y A Qu Un Petit Probl Me On Me Donne 18ans, Mais J En Ai Plus De 5000 Et Surtout, Je Suis Une Vampire La Derni Re De Mon Esp Ce.Et, Parfois, Je Me Sens Terriblement Seule Surtout Quand Un Myst Rieux Ennemi Me Traque Sans Rel Che, D Termin Me D Truire. Fasten your seatbelts cause I m going to give this book the review it deserves Probably a shady one I don t know what to say first, I usually start by saying the good aspects of a book but in this one there is none Sorry fans The protagonist is Alisa a 5.000 year old vampire who is extremely beautiful and unique, which is something she constantly reminds the reader We get it sunshine you are a special snowflake in a world full of flames WE GET IT.She is the most annoying and arrogant character I ve ever read in a YA novel at least She is also cocky, but oh God, look I can like a cocky character, honestly, like Damon Salvatore, but why am I even comparing those two There is absolutely no level of comparison There is a grey line between confident and arrogant and Alisa here crosses that line waaay to many times Anyway, my strong dislike for her grew even from the first two chapters See she never forgets to tell if not brag about her abilities, once or twice could be okay but I lost count Either dedicate a chapter telling what her
I first read this book several years ago When I first read I was not aware it was actually a series However I recently came across them in a sale Re reading the book was great I still really enjoyed it Sita Alisa is a great character who is easily like able This series dismisses a lot of the standard vampire threats and concepts Such as crosses, coffins and burning in the sun Sita acts and fits in as a normal high school girl in this first book She draws close to one of the students there who reminds her of her past life, 5 thousand years ago when she was human the other main character is Yaksha The one who turned her to what she now is.The past meets present as these three characters draw closer together What happens I will let you read the book to find out A great book for young adults especially but even adults could enjoy this short series While this bo
I completely adored this series when I was younger Even looking back, I feel that it hit upon some of the classic elements of vampire literature that I love so much the origin of the Vampire, and the origins of the main character also a vampire Sita is a wonderful heroine hardcore on account of her age and experience, but she hasn t let that turn her emotionally cold The cast is just as wonderful, an
, flash back , , , , , , , , , , . I m going to get fangirly in this, and also make a few comparisons to Twilight, just sayin It s SO much better It s long and there are lots of spoilers.I ve decided to unearth my Christopher Pike collection from my parents basement, and the first book I went to was The Last Vampire, as I just finished reading that other young adult vampire series, Twilight Basically, it s about 600 fewer pages, and so much goes onand the writing is worth a damn.First, Pike s main character, a 5000 year old beautiful vampire named Sita narrates the story in a way that explains all that being a vampire entails from kicking ass to living through history and demonstrating that no matter how inhuman she may be, she can still love and care for things and people She s not unfeeling and murderous Though, she is a murderer She relates how she lived in the South during the Civil War and how soldiers roped her up and dragged her through a swamp while talking about what they would do with her later and how she killed all twenty of them in particularly grueling ways for their treatment of her During part of the book she pretends to be a high school student she has looked about 18 years old for 5,000 years , and she almost shoots down a t
The Last VampireThis is one of the worst vampire YA i ve read so far.The main character a 5000year old vampgirl is arrogant and was bragging about her special abilities all the time Ray view spoiler the boy who s father she murdered a couple of days ago hide spoiler Sita sure is full of herself and likes to brag a lot I like coming at the vampire mythology from India This book is what sparked my interest in beautiful Hinduism back in the day The story is ok About as good as you can expect from YA of this era. I couldn t finish it, it was so freakin dumb Yes, I realize it is written for teens, but give them some credit, they still want something well written without blatant inaccuracies Inaccurate you say, it is a vampire novel, and last time I checked they don t exist well, near the beginning, Mr Pike has his main character who is SOOOO very annoying say she has read Dracula, has even met Mr Stoker but he had it wrong, because the sunlight is not her mortal enemy READ THE BOOK good old drac did spend time in the daylight though it makes him weaker or even see Coppola s movie, even he got that part right ARRRRRG, if you are going to reference a classic, make damn sure you know what you are talking about And another thinghis nerd s name SEYMOUR
I wish I could remember who recommended this book to me so I could smack them upside the head What an atrocious, awful book I m doing a buddy re read of this series with Roberta from Offbeat YA, the only other diehard Christopher Pike fan that I know, and it s every bit as fun as expected I have difficulty overcoming my Pike bias at the best of times, but there s no chance of it in this case The Last Vampire series was one of my first forays into horror and paranormal, and I don t think I ll ever really get over some of the first books I loved Note The first three novels in this series have been republished and renamed Thirst Trigger warnings death, gore, violence, blood.Sita is the last of her kind, the last vampire still walking the earth or so she thinks At five thousand years old, there s little in the world that can threaten her, but when a private investigator starts looking into her past, she begins to feel hunted Someone put him onto her trail, and that person seems to know about Sita and her abilities than anyone should She decides to use the detective s son to try to find this person and discovers an ancient enemy, one that may bring about Sita s end and the final extinction of vampirekind.All bias acknowledged, I think the series holds up well for being than twenty years old, and it remains my favorite YA vampire series of all time Pike takes the best parts of vampire mythology super strength and senses and a fierce bloodlust and discards the rest, and he s managed to create an absolutely fascinating main character Sita is one of

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