King Sized Beds and Happy Trails (Beds, #1)

King Sized Beds and Happy Trails (Beds, #1) Book 1 In The Beds Series Written By Cassie Mae And Theresa Paolo, Under The Pen Names Becca Ann And Tessa Marie Lexie Boggs Needs Out Of Her House Away From Her Alcoholic Mother And Far Away From The White Trash Label That S Been Smacked Across Her Chest She S Saved Every Penny From Her Multiple Jobs So She Can Dart Out Of There As Soon As She Graduates But There S Something Else She Wants So Badly She S Willing To Spend Every Dime She Has Her Senior Class Trip And The Chance To Seduce The Senior Hottie, Sean Dixon Ryan Parker Knows How Much College Means To His Best Friend, Lexie He Also Knows Sean Is A Player On A Search For How Many Girls He Can Get In His Bed So Instead Of Letting Lexie Drain Out Her Piggy Bank, He Forks Out The Dough To Get Her On The Senior Ski Trip Not Only Because She S His Best Friend, But Because He S Face Planted In Love With Her When Ryan And Lexie Get Jammed In The Same Cabin, With One King Sized Bed And A Whole Lot Of History, Ryan Fights To Keep His Feelings Hidden, While Lexie Discovers Some Of Hers. 5 EASY TO LOVE KING SIZED STARS.Cassie Mae strikes again, her books are like chocolate for my romance loving soul Cheeky, cute and adorable I can never resist this authors writing charms Utterly dreamy book thoughts to follow What s it all about Lexie Boggs does not have the easiest home life Her mums alcohol addiction has meant that her life has already been labeled with the unwanted white trash seal of disapproval There are only a few things that are keeping this high school student happy her best friend Ryan Parker, the huge crush she has on the high school heart throb, Sean Dixon and the up and coming senior class trip to hit the slopes Ryan Parker would do anything for his best friend, Lexie so when it comes to making sure she is happy he will go to any lengths to bring that smile on her face, but Ryan is harbouring a love for his long term friend that he s finding hard to hide When the pair end up sharing a cosy cabin together it takes everything in Ryan to not reveal how devastatingly in love he is with his best friend, but with things looking up for Lexie and her cr
3.5 Si no fuera la actitud tan que tom la prota en la pelea le daba las 4 STARS De esos libros lindos que entretienen y te dejan una sonrisa en la boca Esos romances tiernos que te dan sue os de nubes rosas y corazones.Una lectura sencilla, f cil de querer y de leer Con protagonistas adora
This book is full of emotion and so much fun It s definitely one you won t want to put down. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I LOVED this book It is sweet and lovable There is no pretending, who wants to be in the friend zone Cassie and Tessa brilliantly navigate the situation and pull the reader in to the story.Many of the books I have read I really hated one of the main characters, but I can say I LOVED all of them They were all their own person and if something went wrong they had each other s backs There was no clueless about the world H or super Alpha h They were both accurately descripted teenagers with troubled pasts.This is the story of Lexie and Ryan bff s since childhood and comforters of each other They both love each other, the only problem is how they love each otherare they in love or is it brotherly sisterly love Lex has a huge crush on a complete jerk and Ryan is there to get him in her traps But does she want him or Ryan They will be tested on their Senior trip to a sky lodge, will t
Read this and other reviews at Madison Says Wanna know how I know a book is good That it s worth than 4 stars I can feel it Literally It starts as this shaky almost tingly feeling in my arms and it travels all the way down to my belly When the characters are sad, I m sad When they laugh, I laugh It s this connection And I felt it I definitely felt it while reading King Sized Beds and Happy Trails.There are a few things you should know about Lexie Boggs 1 She is obsessed with nail polish She has so many bottles of polish that I m surprised they re not coming out of her ears The color usually matches her mood Well not the color exactly, but the name of the color.2 She is deathly afraid of spiders.3 Her parents leave much to be desired Lexie s mother is an alcoholic of the worst kind I think Lexie is maternal than she is And Lexie s Dad Um, he split town long ago leaving only a mood ring behind.4 Lexie is in love with Sean Dixon at least she thinks she is.5 Lexie s best friend Ryan is always there to make the dark days a little brighter, even of
So, first of all I would like to say that this book was given to me in exchange of an honest review.I kinda ended the book like 3 hours ago, so it s pretty much fresh and all that in my head I got my quotes ready and all that stuff, so yeah. Let s get this party started..I feel like I always say this, but I m pretty sure that I ll be game for anything Cassie sends my way As a reader, Cassie writes my type of book Hands down Tessa is just soooo awesome I m so gonna look for of her stuff after reading this I just laughed so, so much Imagine the way I looked reading this book at the library Nuts, let me tell you.The writting is pretty solid I don t think that you can tell which one is writing unless you ve read a lot of their stuff before which I did xD.About the story. yeah. well I m a sucker for bestfriends who fall in love And Ryan. yeah I could say soo much about him, I m not doing it though, cause it would ruin a lot of stuff for someone who will read the book after reading this But imagine the best of both worlds someone you can do everything with without being ashamed of anything, and at the same time someone you just plain out love him not in a
So, I decided to go for a twofer I wasnt done with my Cassie Mae fix so I read another one, and I read it in one sitting.This was a bit different I dont think I have ever read a book from the POV of a guy experiencing unrequited love before Its usually the girls who do that sort of thing, so it was interesting to see the thoughts of a guy who is in love with his best friend, and how he deals with it He was a great guy and he always had her best in mind and never let his feelings make him bitter or jealous Except that one time when he nearly screwed everything up.Lexie and Ryan had obvious chemistry, and, as usual, Ryan was really funny and I enjoyed the humour in this I enjoyed Lexie too, she was fun, although a little blind to Ryan s awesomeness But hey, thats how the story goes I hate it when there is a big fight in contemporaries Cassie Mae s other books didnt h
4.5 stars I had the absolute privilege of reading this delightful tale before it s even out Woop woop LOVED it It had so much charm and humour, which I ve come to expect from Cassie Mae Becca Ann, but it also had some fabulous depth and heart wrenching moments I haven t yet had a chance to read Tessa Marie s as Theresa Paolo debut book, but I must say that her voice matches up perfectly with Becca Ann s The characters were adorable I might have been a bit slow to warm up to Lexie, but I think that s b c I immediately fell in love with Ryan and wanted her to open her eyes immediately, but then that wouldn t have been a very fun book would it The authors did a great job of showing an absolutely fabulous best friendship between our 2 MC s, and then showing the potential for to it It was great to read about teens that still had such apparent youth to makes you remember that while Young Adults are
What a fun read First I can t believe it was written by two people because it flows so well much like the main characters Lexie and Ryan It was easy to fall in love with them as well as their friends Kaylee and Nate I also enjoyed the back story of their parents and the issues Lexi s and Nate are dealing with Sometimes I get frustrated with teenagers and their hormones but the authors deal with this well with romance that doesn t go under the sheets The bo