Interplanetary Passion

Interplanetary Passion Jovan Maki Is From Pluto Nichelle Fender Is From Earth, Worlds Apart So When Fate Binds Them, Neither Is Prepared For The Sparks That Fly Passion Runs Hot, Desires Left Unfulfilled For One Explodes For The Other Will The New Found Love Be Strong Enough To Withstand The Viciousness Headed Their Way Another Hot And Steamy Romance From Jaden Sinclair Interplanetary Passion Is Science Fiction Fantasy To Satisfy All Of Your Fantasies. Okay another cover that doesn t make sense Jovan is blonde So the publishers even pay attention to the descriptions in the books Nichelle is a college student but she hasn t gone to Pluto first to see if she s the special someone to one of the aliens there With the newest agreement with Earth, every female after high school has to go there before she can start college Her dad has been trying everything he can to not get to her to go but when she does, she finds out she is one of the special gals and Jovan is the lucky guy Dad s having none of it because he has evil plans for her Loved how they didn t string along Jovan s sexual torment The guys after a small time before 20 are impotent until they meet the woman they are meant to be with and then they re constantly hard and very sexually frustrat
2 1 2 starsWas okay, the sci fi part of the book was interesting From virgin to sex pot in 3 easy chapters to mommy in a few College was very important to the lead female, although she sure didn t learn much about anything h
It was good, alright, different, ok OnlyI thought Pluto wasn t a planet any so I m confusedis it, or isn t it Whatever Story was good.