I Know Everything

I Know Everything A Psychologist Grapples With His Own Sanity As Murder Evidence Mounts Against Him.Police Investigator Susan Adler Is Ready To Close The Book On A Deadly Car Accident, But After The Medical Examiner Discovers Evidence Of Foul Play, She Knows She Has A Murder On Her Hands The Victim Was The Wealthy Wife Of Randall Brock, A Renowned Psychologist Who Treats Patients With Disturbing, Brutal Fantasies And Just Like That, Susan S Got A Suspect.Randall Has A Violent Past But Knows He Didn T Kill His Wife In The Midst Of His Crushing Grief, Randall Receives A Visit From A Stranger With Information To Share About His Wife S Death But There S A Catch In Exchange For The Stranger S Information, Randall Must Reveal Dark Secrets He S Kept Hidden For Years As This Shady Figure Applies Pressure And Susan Closes In, Randall Begins To Doubt Himself, Clinging Desperately To The Pieces Of His Sanity.Revelations And Suspicious Coincidences Send Shock Waves Through The Investigation, And Circumstances Spin Out Of Control Susan Must Race To Put It All Together Before It S Too Late Before The Next Murder Strikes Too Close To Home. Yowzers Like feeling the sharp sting of a taut rubber band aimed at your sensitive skin..again and again and again.Ya know that Matthew Farrell doesn t believe in carousel rides I Know Everything will be heavy on the psychosis sauce But who exactly is serving it up and who exactly is partaking with spoon at the ready Dr Randall Brock has been partnered with Dr Peter Reems since their early days at NYU Both are successful psychologists in the psychiatry department at Quarim University Hospital They have been working on a 5 year grant involving curing psychopathic behavior with patients talking through violent fantasies They both believe that they are on the very brink of groundbreaking success.But a tragic car accident involving Randall s wife, Amanda, will put all of that on hold Amanda had been the head of a non profit organization called Glass Hearts She was being honored for her selfless dedication on the night of the accident The news of her death nearly destroys Randall.Within days, Randall is visited by New York State police investigators, S
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Late one night, Amanda Brock s car goes off the road, in what is initially assumed to be a tragic accident However, when Inspector Susan Adler and her partner, Tommy, look further, they make the decision that Amanda was murdered before going off the road and that they are now looking at a murder investigation Of course, the first suspect is her husband, local psychologist Dr Randall Brock Randall knows he didn t kill his wife but the evidence is mounting against him Until the night he is visited by a stranger in a dark hood named Sam, a stranger who tells him that he knows who killed Amanda and will help him clear his name if Randall can reveal the secrets he has kept inside for years I Know Everything is not the first novel by author Matthew Farrell, but I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever heard his name A mistake I will NOT make again Everything starts off hot right from the get go, pulling a reader into the mind of several psychopaths that appear to be involved in a new treatment by Randall and his team Right off the hop, the psychological in psychological thriller is evident, and it pulled me in immediately.None of the characters are what they seem in this
Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read this book prior to its release in exchange for my honest opinion 4.5 starsWow, what a gripped twisting tale I can t lie at first I expect this novel to be cut and dry type of plot Boy was I wrong The twists and turns It made me want to keep reading to find out if my prediction was right or wrong Who was the murderer, typically I am not wrong and I can see where the story is going This
I Know Everything is a page turner and breathtaking novel We follow Susan Adler, a brilliant Police Investigator, who is investigating a deadly car accident Medical exams led to evidence that the victim was murdered and the crime was disguised in car accident The victim was the wealthy wife of Randall Brock, a psychiatrist who studies and treats patients with antisocial behaviour Actually Randall Brock has himself a psychiatric story..The plot is well developed and the characters are well designed I Know Everything is a fast pacing book, full of suspense and action It is all the time surprising and you can t guess what happens next, from the beginning to the end When you think you know then twists happen.I give it 4 even though it deserves 5 because,
I had very mixed feelings about I Know Everything Just 10% or so into the book, I thought about quitting because I thought I knew exactly where it was heading and I wasn t interested I was very, very wrong This is a very twisty, extremely dark mystery thriller that starts with a fatal car crash and then spirals into madness It turned out to be a page turner, a well written thrill ride The co
Incredibly readable, twisty, turny, and pretty clever red herrings Full review soon on CDonline. This book was fantastic Thrilling, creepy, confusing and scary.Initially, I wanted to quit this book early, maybe at the first 20 pages I wasn t into the opening It didn t grab me, and I couldn t get hooked on any of the characters After the author presented the mystery to the readers, however, I was all in.The storyline is intriguing What is Randall s past He s hiding something, and his late wife may have discovered it Was she killed because of Randall s past, or was it something she did on her own And who is this new investigator He came out of nowhere, yes I loved the investigators Susan s a divorce homicide investigator, trying to raise twins and hell all at the same Tommy is the newbie, just happy to be on this case They work together well, and I love when Susan tells her new partner that it isn t like the movies I couldn t wait for them to unravel the mystery together All of the psychological aspects in this book really held my attention This is the plot of some of my favorite movies Can prior trauma bring out the true evil in a person Do we ever really bury our pasts I loved it.One thing that really bothered me, however, is when Randall wants to unlock Amanda s phone First, he t
Thank you to Netgalley, Thomas Mercer and Matthew Farrell for allowing me to read an advance copy of I Know Everything in exchange for an honest review.It looks like any other tragic car accident but just as inspector Susan Adler is about to close the case, information comes to hand from the medical examiner that this was no accident Susan now has a murder to solve When Randall Brock is informed of his wife Amanda s tragic passing, his world comes crashing down A psychiatrist who treats patients with violent fantasies, it isn t long before Randell comes under suspicion and is Susan s prime suspect.But he would never hurt Amanda would he If things couldn t get any worse for Randall he is now being stalked by a man named Sam who claims to know who is responsible for Amanda s death and will tell him once he comes to terms with his truths Not understand
I received a free E Book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I Know Everything is a dual POV adult murder mystery After a night out at a local fundraiser, Russell Brock s wife has died in a car crash However, after further examination from Detective Susan Adler, it is discovered she had been murdered Russell is devastated, and even worse he s the prime suspect in his wife s murder Detective Adler is determined to find out the truth, and the truth may lie in the past It becomes a race against time for Russell to clear his name while Detective Adler is building a case What is the truth, and how far is someone willing to go for justice This is a wonderful second novel that I ve read by Matthew This one has so many twists and turns Just when I thought I had the whole mystery figured out another twist would come my way and throw everything off It was a fun read, and I did read it in one day He does a great job at creating a great thriller The beginning is a little bit slow, but it builds everything great and picks up into a wild ride I fell in love with Susan Adler and I truly hope that I get to see of her in future novels I would love to continue her story and to see her working through everything that happened She is so strong, a great mother who always puts her kids first I wanted her to stay safe the whole novel and just protect her If you enjoy a good murder mystery this is something you should p
This book didn t capture my attention right away like the author s last book, but I did end up invested in the characters and the story There were several twists and red herrings introduced that will probably work for many readers Unfortunately, none of them were a big surprise for me, which made the book too predictable for my liking Despite that, the author s writing style was solid enough for me to derive some enjoyment from reading the story, and I d definitely be willing to give his next book a try Without giving too much away, there s a psychological term that s brought up in the book that is often mischaracterized There s even a lot of debate about the true meaning of the term within the professional world of psychology, with some theorizing that the version the author presents may not actually exist Knowing that put a damper on the story for me I m willing and able to suspend disbeli