HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World

HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World HTML5 And CSS3 For The Real World Is Ideal For Any Web Designer Or Developer Who Wants To Start Using The Latest Generation Of Web Technologies In Their Everyday Work.This Book Will Teach You How To Understand The New Semantic Markup Available In HTML5 Use CSS3 To Make Sites Beautiful Without Sacrificing Clean Markup Or Resorting To Complex Workarounds Employ Native HTML5 Video And Audio In Your Pages Use Web Fonts To Enrich A Site S Typography Make Web Applications Accessible Using WAI ARIA Make The Most Of The New HTML Form Elements This Easy To Follow Guide Is Illustrated With Lots Of Examples, And Leads Readers Through The Process Of Creating Great Websites From Start To Finish Using HTML5 And CSS3.It Also Features Details On All The New HTML5 And CSS3 Elements And Features Information On The Current Level Of Browser Support Advice For Creating Great Experiences For All Users Thanks To Progressive Enhancement. This book is targeted towards people like me, who already know html css javascript and have heard about HTML5 but know little about what it is and why we should care I came into this book thinking that HTML5 was merely a set of new tags but soon realized it has a lot to do with giving semantics to an html document It does a good job explaining these concepts using a decent amount of examples I think at times, I wanted to see rendering alongside the html markup but not too often I very much like the fact that it allays some fears about using HTML5 right now, as it offers information about what is and isn t supported yet by browsers I m looking at you, IE8 and below and what solutions are available to ensure backwards compatibility I kind of skimmed through the CSS sections these were mostly explanations of new functionality, many of which I didn t care too much about, except how to create round corners Perhaps these will be relevant to me later Just FYI, this book will not teach you html css or even go over best practices of html css though you can infer things from the examples, like using lists to mark up forms, which I d never done before As a person who is self taught in front end development, I d still like to a find a good resource for best practices in html css this will only give you the H
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A great book and a good introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 if you re already familiar with these technologies.

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An all round good book The authors are reputable repositories of information and are fairly active in the Web concerning standards and web design tutorials And they ve got a great sense of Web humour.

This book isn t meant to be the ultimate guide to HTML5 and CSS3 specifications It is meant as an introduction, a quick overview of all the new tools web developers have at their disposal Also, what is very valuable about this book is that the authors give the low down on the best practices for utilizing these new tools, something you won t find in the dry specifications.

Further, I very much appreciate the approach they ve taken to introducing these concepts build a real working demo website They know full well that experienced coders would be itching to get their hands on the code And it s probably the best way to learn Also, they provide numerous online sources by other reliable blog authors and links directly to the specifications, as well as handily displaying cur
The purpose of HTML5 CSS3 for the Real World, as title says, is to help the readers face real world problems of website building process, giving practical instruction on the new HTML5 and CSS3 resources involved in each specific need The strong semantic nature of HTML5 specification is highly emphasized, making the reader think about all the possibilites of a truly semantic web Also, the book offers a fairly deep historic background of the evolution of the specs.HTML5 new tags are discussed in detail, including examples of some common use scenarios Also, there is a small website project to follow as an example People who is really serious about learn and understand details should try to code it from scratch The section about CSS selectors, for example, gives a formal and in depth coverage of the subject It becomes easier to understand what you are doing when creating your style sheets if you know how to categorize the different selectors Chapter 6 brings a section on CSS colors that enlightened me on basic aspects of color composition and perception.In case you want to get up to speed quickly, I think it s ok to just skim o
With the exception of a few grammatical and typographical issues, the reading so far has been pretty satisfactory, above average so to speak I am about to start the fourth chapter, and the content so far has been to the point and informative it has basically lived up to the promise of no nonsense, no fluff, and to the point discussion of the latest features that are, probably based on estimates, going to be the most used elements As the GoodReads monthly newsletter has been probing me for updates on this matter, so I have decided to share my secret with the rest of the world concerning the progress on this matter vagaries of life, the ever changing scene which in certain cases can prove a bit dramatic than the rest, has so far kept me away Explanation you ask Well, I was, for most part, extremely busy fine tuning the layout of the PDF version of my first book

HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World is ideal for any web designer or developer who wants to start using the latest generation of web technologies in their everyday work.

This book will teach you how to

understand the new semantic markup available in HTML5 use CSS3 to make si Unfortunately I m a complete beginner to this, so many things I didn t quite understand or went through some parts very quickly Still, I believe that those parts were very aproachable either for a novice or experienced, as the ones I went through covering a historical perspective were very simpl
Being new to development this book was great for me I have read other review About needing some background knowledge before reading this book but that wasn t the case for me I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get started in this kind of development, and if you get stu
HTML5 CSS3 . Forse il miglior libro che abbia letto su html5 Spiega con esempi efficaci le novit introdotte dal nuovo standard, evidenziando sempre la compatibilit dei browser.Assolutamente consigliato. Good if you re starting out fresh and don t know much about what s available with html5 Not so good if you know than not much.

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