How to Lose 20kg in 4 months

How to Lose 20kg in 4 months As My Waistline Shrunk My Self Confidence Exploded With The Very Same Vigor The Buttons On My Jeans Once Had For The First Time In My Life I Was Blossoming In A Direction That Actually Delighted Me My Energy Levels Soared Until I No Longer Needed That Afternoon Siesta, And My Bank Balance Actually Grew Then One Miraculous Day, Only Four Months After I D Given All My Wooden Hangers To Charity, I Stuffed A Black Garbage Bag With The Clothes On The Floor And Hung My Very First Size 8 Ironically, It Had Been Only Four Months Since I Had Attempted To Lose The Weight In That Time I Hadn T Counted A Single Calorie, Kept A Meal Diary Or Even An Exercise Regime It Was Just So Easy, And I Realised That Anyone, Regardless Of Age, Stage, Weight Or Lifestyle Could Do Exactly What I Had Done And Achieve Great Results I Had Resolved One Of Women S Greatest Dilemmas Without Intending To, And I Would Never Embark On The Impossible Hunt For The Elusive Size 8 Again.If You Are Ready To Learn The 4 Easy Tips To Lose Your Weight Forever, Keep Reading