Hired by Her Husband

Hired by Her HusbandBack In Her Husband S Bed Once, Sophy And George Savas Were Happily Married Then Sophy Woke Up And Realized That Her Blissful Marriage Was A Sham She S Never Looked Back Until The Day She Learns Her Husband Has Been Critically Injured, And Her World Is Shaken.Now, Though He S Stubborn And Proud, George Wants Sophy S Help He Knows She Won T Come Willingly, So He Hires Her To Be His Wife For As Long As He Needs Her But Playing Happy Families Is Dangerous, And Soon George Realizes That His Need For Sophy Runs Deep And Strong. Read it in one sitting, was bored out of my mind because most of my books are ebooks and there was no light to charge my gadgets, So I decided to reread this, since I have the hard copy, sadly I didn t like it as much as I did when I first read it but it was quite a fun read.The only problem I have with this book is the same problem I have with most romance books, espe
A heartwarming story and absolutely great read. Absolutely adorable story,terrific readThe basic plot is heroin Sophy is dating the hero s cousin Ari who is a womanizer and irresposible careless man ,all his messes are cleared by the hero George,they meet at other cousin s wedding where in George meets Sophy they dance and have a nice time,Sophy apologises for Ari s remarks but George brushes it off,after few days Ari goes to skiing leaving Sophy behind,never calls or contacts,she comes to know she is pregnant writes to Ari but he never replies then also Sophy gives a benefit of doubt n goes personally to inform but he says why she had to come,she should have taken care of it and makes clear he is not interested in her and being the father and asks her to leave after 3 months he is killed in an accidentSophy comes to funeral now she is 5 months along all Ari s family does nt even acknowledge her cause she was one of many girlfriends but George comes and accepts her condolences and makes her feel good,after few months i guess 2 months George comes to me
the book did not make any sense.it had no foundation that stupid sophy abandoned her husband 4 4 years just coz of smthng she overhead it was not even clear what he meant he did not make any reference 2 her as 4 george, u don t ask 4 an explanation George married Sophy when she was pregnant with his cousin s baby He did it to save her, but also because he loved her But when Sophy felt too much like an obligation, she walked out of his life, even though she loved him as well 4 years later, when George is in an accident, Sophy is still his next of kin and is called to the hospital Now, incapacitated, George needs someone to help take care of him and he hires Sophy to do the job It s torture for him having her so close and not being able to have her, but he s determined to win her and have her back in his life.This started out pretty great I struggle with some second chance romances, but this was working out well since George was desperately in love with Sophy the whole time and was pretty determined to win her back I liked the way it was set up and it had potential Then, as the story progressed and I learned about why Sophie had left and saw some of her actions, I realized that she s pretty selfish and she s a cowardly runner She runs from feelings and misconceptions without ever ta
Well written and absorbing, but the Plot Logic is very weak even for a category romance Perhaps part of the issue is that McAllister s Savas series is very down to earth, and so is this book, mostly the characters may be rich but they re otherwise living very normal lives with children, chores, and arguments about cab vs subway In this one, the hero married the heroine because she was pregnant by his late, irresponsible cousin they fell in love, and then she bolted because she felt like yet another responsibility that the hero had to take on after his cousin died So far, so standard category However, as far as anyone in either family knows, the baby who is now a four year old daughter is the hero s The heroine has moved to California, with the kid, and her cousin has married the hero s cousin, so the hero s family is aware of all of this although the hero doesn t even know she s living in California When the hero is in a car accident the heroine is called out to his side The hero s family are promptly hopeful that they ll reconcile No one mentions,
Ok Both hide their feelings, jump into assumption and separate George agreed to marry Sophy, after his cousin left her pregnant His cousin died They were happy and made love after 2 months of her delivery The next day, she heard he argued with his father and thought he said he was only marrying her out of duty, clearing the mess his cousin left They didn t file for divorce 4 years later, she got a call informing her about his accident He was hit by a truck in his effort rescuing his neighbor Jeremy He was stubborn and his doctor only allows him to went back home as long as there is people looking after h
And he rinsed his hands then grasped her ribs and lifted her Ugh that s painful This line almost spoiled my enjoyment of what, in my view, was a fairly good book Thankfully, it came too late to do much harm. I read Harlequin Presents when I m reading to escape thought Anne McAllister is one of the better authors She uses humor and makes her hero genuinely likable men. This is the story of Sophy and George, who four years ago married when Sophy was pregnant Sophy was pregnant by George s cousin, who died not long after Sophy found out she was pregnant, however he had not wanted anything to with the baby anyway Four years later they were separated and living on opposite sides of the country When George is seriously injured in a collision with a delivery truck he has no one to look after him so Sophy agrees to help him As the get to know one another again they both realise they still have feelings for each other but have to get through the issues that caused them to part four years ago in order to find out if they can have a future together This is a really heartwarming story, and a great read Although this is part of the Modern line, I really like that Anne has been brave enough to create a male character that isn t your usual banker businessman Alpha male, instead George is a kind hearted academic and that is a refreshing change The conflict of the story is relatively simple and it is a classic case of couples simply not communicating with each other Both characters have the chance to grow with the story and tackle their problems In reading Anne s books I have always found that they contain a gre

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  • Hired by Her Husband
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  • 02 May 2018
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