Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World In Gardens Of The World, Graham, Sandra, And Linda Ross Have Compiled The Highlights Of Their 30 Years Of World Travel Into One Book As Passionate Garden Lovers They Have Traveled To Every Inhabited Continent In Search Of Natural Beauty And Serenity These Are Some Of The Loveliest Places In The World, Ranging From Cottages, Public Parks, Rooftops, Palaces And Estates.Due To The Large Geographical Area, The Asian Gardens Featured In The Book Are As Diverse As The Cultures They Reside In China Has Poured Time And Resources Into Restoring Beautiful Traditional Gardens, While Zen Buddhism And Japan S Intricate Past Inspire The Island Nation S 500 To 700 Year Old Gardens The Authors Also Praise Indonesian Gardens As The Most Beautiful Tropical Gardens In The World.The British Isles Are Home To Quaint, Well Planned English Gardens, A Style Emulated Throughout Northern Europe In Italy And Spain The Gardens Are Influenced By Mediterranean Passion And Unique Historical Influences, Including The Moors And The Catholic Church.In The Western Hemisphere The Ross Admire Canada S Fusion Of French And English Methods And The United States Arts And Crafts Style The Gardens Of Tropical Central And South America Seem To Require No Human Help, Resulting In Organic Displays Of Unique Colors, Shapes, And Textures.Africa Houses Some Of The World S Most Unique Gardens, Combining Flora Imported From Europe During The Colonial Era And Native African Plants This Fusion Reflects The Species Rich Continent S Diverse And Complex Past From The Mediterranean To The Cape Of Good Hope.As Well As Stunning Photographs And Highlights Of The World S Best Gardens, The Authors Also Provide Details On How Readers Can Visit These Gardens Themselves And When They Should Go. Pixilated photography and skips South America.

[EPUB] ✺ Gardens of the World  ✿ Graham  Ross –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Gardens of the World
  • Graham Ross
  • English
  • 22 July 2019
  • 9781877069512