Forever and a Duke (Rogues to Riches, #3)

Forever and a Duke (Rogues to Riches, #3) A Duke Meets His Match In The Last Place He D Ever Expect In This Charming Regency Romance By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of My One And Only DukeWrexham, Duke Of Els, Is Overrun By Family Obligations With Three Sisters To Escort About Town, A Legion Of Cousins To Look After, And Aunties Who Insist He Dance With Every Eligible Young Woman, He Barely Has Time To Manage His Dukedom When He Finally Carves Out A Moment To Evaluate His Family S Finances, He Learns That He And His Sisters Are On The Verge Of Social CatastropheEleanora Hatfield Has An Uncanny Knack For Numbers, But She Knows From Experience That Dealing With The Peerage Can Only Lead To Problems Though She Wants Nothing To Do With Any Titled Gentleman, She Reluctantly Agrees To Help When Rex Seeks Aid From Her Employer What Starts Out As An Unwanted Assignment Soon Leads To Forbidden Kisses And Impossible Longings But With Scandal Haunting Ellie S Past And Looming In Rex S Future, How Can True Love Lead To Anything But Heartbreak Includes The Bonus Story The Lady In Red By Kelly Bowen Series Rogues To Riches 3Publication Date 11 26 19Wrexham Rex Dorset, Duke of Els is a loving but clueless son, nephew, brother, cousin to his very large family He loves them all especially his mother, sisters, and the aunties He delights in seeing to their welfare and they delight in managing him He s noticed some discrepancies in some of his books and has become concerned His holdings are vast and far flung and since it is time for him and his sisters to wed, he needs to assure that all is in order He s heard that his friend and fellow bank owner, the Duke of Walden has an auditor that can spot an error in a column of figures at fifty paces away during a rainstorm So, it is natural for him to ask nay beg for the loan of that auditor to go over the estate s books.Eleanora Hatfield has a past and she does her very best to keep it deeply buried Life has not always treated her well and she wants needs craves respectability above all else She s worked hard to become the well respected woman she is today She has a knack for figures and spotting patterns and she knows every possible con and scheme that can be used to defraud someone To say that she is invaluable to the bank that employs her would be a gross understatement So, just imagine her unhappiness and distress when her employer asks her to take on the task of auditing all of the Duke of Els s accounts She is not a happy camper and wastes no time telling both Els and Walden However, she is beholden to Walden for giving her employment when no one else would hire a woman to do what she does and Walden is beholden to Els so there is no way out of the task.Rex can t help but admire the feisty, outspoken, confident, straight forward, no nonsense, diminutive woman who is asking and probing questions about his holdings and his books Her insight and intuition about what is happening are awe inspiring and he is and curious about her As he asks questions of his own, he manages to get her to let things about her past slip out and she intrigues him even .Poor Rex was desperately smitten early on and Eleanora was smitten as well, but she was determined to hold Rex at arm s length She knew there was no future for them he was so very far above her station Rex definitely had his work cut out for him when it came to convincing her they could have a future together.I always love a good mystery to be included with my romances and this one had a nice mystery It won t be much of a challenge for you to figure out who the culprit s are, but it is great fun to see Rex come to terms with who it is and what he is willing to do about it.This was a fun read and I hope you ll enjoy it as much as I did.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own. One plus one usually adds up to two but when you add in a very extended ducal family on one side along with schemers and outcasts on the other, how can the columns ever add up Eleanora Hatfield is comfortable with numbers Numbers make sense Numbers don t lie Eleanora has used her innate skill with numbers to create a comfortable life for herself As the Auditor to one of London s most reputable banks she is comfortable Wrexham, the Duke of Els is about to come in and alter her life in a Way she never could have calculated.Wrexham is not comfortable He is overrun with family and obligations He loves his family and will do anything to see them well situated In order to complete this he needs to sort out his family finances too bad all his ducal training never taught him how It s time to get an expert Wrexham enlist the skills of Mrs Eleanora Hatfield to put his house in order Who could have guessed the while ordering and setting his financial house she managed to create a place for herself Can love bloom over abacuses and ledgers This delightful tale is the third in the Rogues to Riches series This story includes familiar characters but it definitely can stand alone I alway enjoy reading about smart women and a mathematical savant assisting a humble duke was great fun to read Forever and a Duke by Grace Burrowes is scheduled to release November 26th, 2019.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Forever Grand Central Publishing through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own ForeverAndADuke GraceBurrowes NetGalley pinkcowlandreads 4.5 stars, as reviewed at Roses Are Blue Rex Dorset, Duke of Els, suspects there is something very wrong with his finances Any hint of impropriety will be a death knell for his bank and his reputation Since Els has also decided that it s about time he started to look for a wife, it s even critical to put his house in order now, before marriage settlements cause attorneys to scrutinize his ledgers and find discrepancies Els s fellow duke, Walden, also owns a bank, and has an auditor whose stellar reputation is known throughout the industry Els asks his friend to temporarily lend him the services of Mrs Hatfield to unravel his mess.Eleanora Ellie Hatfield has worked hard to earn her reputation, and she has no desire to perform any tasks for someone outside of her own bank She especially has no desire to keep company with another duke However, she can t refuse when her boss requests that she meet with Els, have a preliminary look at his records, and advise him Ellie soon sees that there is definitely a problem, and chances are that it s very close to home Though unwilling, her own nature causes her to reluctantly agree to help Els.Ellie is a bit of a curmudgeon Her dislike of peers stems from a betrayal by an earl years ago which upended her whole family, taking them from respectable to having to survive literally on the streets Though Ellie admits she might admire the duke s form, she has no need for sweet talking, charming men She soon learns that Els is genuine, not just superficially charming He offers her every courtesy that he would show a lady of the ton, he s honest and caring, and he cheerfully supports a seeming multitude of relatives.When they are forced to retreat from town to one of Els s outlying estates to complete the investigation of his books, Ellie decides to indulge the attraction she s begun to feel for this outstanding man While Els is just as eager, he s not looking for a temporary affair He s found a lovely and intelligent lady, one who has a mind of her own and isn t afraid to stand up to him He s found the woman he wants to be his duchess.I love Els s character he s a genuinely good man who wants to do the right thing He has no qualms about Ellie being not good enough for him To him, a lifetime spent with her is worth any gossip or fleeting scandal But Ellie is determined to not destroy the duke s life and reputation He doesn t know that she s keeping another secret, one in which a member of her own family has wronged him He is persistent, but Ellie is resistant.I always find it so sad when someone close betrays another, especially when that person has been nothing but good to them When the disloyalty is brought to light, it s just another burden that Els must bear His strength of character carries him through, and allows him to win his reluctant lady love FOREVER AND A DUKE is a warm and charming read, with a strong and unusual heroine and a swoonworthy hero Though part of the Rogues to Riches series, this book easily reads as a standalone For those who have read book one, you ll enjoy the glimpses of Quinn Walden and Stephen, whose book I eagerly await I recommend FOREVER AND A DUKE to historical romance fans who prefer character depth and an unusual plot. Grace Burrowes is always a solid read for any romance reader, and the latest installment in the Rogues to Riches series is no exception It was a slow burn romance, which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat the whole way through Sometimes slow burn romance can feel lukewarm and lack the attraction between the main characters that romance readers hope to see What I loved the most about this one was how natural it all felt It was sweet, gentle, and calming in a way like they were two puzzle pieces that clicked into place without any effort at all It worked, and by the time their romance blossomed, it felt like they had been a couple the whole time.Eleanora Hatfield is no nonsense, logical, and above all, completely devoid of any interest in relations with the peerage Though she makes an exception for her current employer, given that he didn t start out titled, she prefers to sit in the offices at the bank and focus on her career Her completely legal, crime free career She can t say the same for her family, however, and she despairs of them ever finding their way back to becoming law abiding citizens When Rex, Duke of Els, needs her help in auditing his finances, suspecting potential foul play, she agrees reluctantly As they grow closer, things begin to click into place, and her past begins to collide with her future I took an immediate liking to Rex he had so much respect for Eleanora, even before he really got to know here, just from her handling of him and his peers He recognized a strong, independent woman, and while he still wanted to maintain his traditional chivalry, he understood that he could learn a lot from her Eleanors was a hard nut to crack, so to speak, because she had such a thick shell around her heart Her past had taught her to not count on anyone, not to let anyone in, and even though Rex tempted her, she tried so hard to fight it Their coming together was slow yet satisfying, because it felt so natural She didn t suddenly fall for him, he didn t proclaim his love for her in some grand fashion instead, their soft, gentle kisses turned into , and their friendly affection turned into love It was truly one of my favorite slow burn romances to date.Grace never fails to disappoint If you like slow burn romances with a strong heroine, you ll love this book I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review. Wrexham, Duke of Els, suspects that someone is embezzling from his accounts, but with so many holdings, he is unsure how to go about ciphering out the culprit Knowing he is over his head, he seeks the help of friends at a neighboring banking institution and is amazed when their solution is offering the talents of their own auditor one that just happens to be one of the most beautiful and smart women he has ever had the pleasure to meet But will he be able to convince her to assist him before everyone in London discovers his failures.Eleanora Hatfield has fought to have a steady job and income with one of the most sought after banking institutions Her quickness in sums and figures has gained her a solid reputation in auditing, so when she is asked to assist a Duke with determining who is stealing from his accounts, she agrees, but only on her terms and never did she dream this endeavor would lead to the possibility of friendship love and so much .Rex and Ellie start their journey to happily ever after in one of the most unlikely of situations, and with each day and each turn of the ledger page, their comradery and friendship grows into something beyond what they could have ever planned Forever and a Duke is a well written regency romance, but I just couldn t seem to form a connection between Ellie and Rex Perhaps it is that I have zero interest in math and or auditing procedures, and that aspect of the story just didn t interest me The mystery as to who was stealing from Rex dragged on to the point, I started skimming pages just to get to the end, and by that time, I really didn t care Again, this plot was just not to my liking, and I m sure there are readers out there that will adore these characters If you are a reader of this genre, I would recommend you give it a try I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions are my own. There s something odd going on with the Duke of Els s books There s money missing and it will take a brilliant mind to find out where it s gone due to the expanse of the Duke s holdings and family That brilliant mind just happens to belong to Eleanora Hatfield Ellie likes her routines and being by herself She has family secrets that would ruin her reputation and those she associates with like the bank she works for Wrexham, Duke of Els, needs to keep the fact that he s noticed irregularities in his ledgers and accounts a secret or it could reek havoc in the Dukedom This means that Rex and Ellie have to work secretly together in order to find the problem and the person s responsible Forced proximity results in getting to know each other better whether they want to or not Ellie tried her best not to fall for Rex but it was inevitable.I found this story a little hard to get into at first, but as soon as I did, I didn t want to put it down I wanted to know what would happen between these two characters that I had grown to love and find out who was responsible for the embezzling What it an employee or someone in the large ducal family I have not read the first two books in this series but I ll be going back to read them It will enlighten me a bit on some of the side characters in this story It can be read as a standalone but if you re like me and want to know every detail of side characters, you might want to read the previous books first.I received an advance reader copy for an honest review. Have you ever read an author that just grabs you, so that you become an instant fan That is what happens to me with Grace Burrowes My usual genre is suspense romance, but I had the opportunity to read on of Grace s books a few years back, and I was hooked FOREVER AND A DUKE is the third novel in the Rouges to Riches series It is interesting to me how different the rules were back in the Regency period Most never moved above their station in life Our heroine, Elenora, is an exception to that rule She is smart and learned to use her talents with numbers to create a better life for herself Our hero, the Duke, has too many people to care for and someone in the family can t be trusted The suspense builds as Wrexham turns to Elenora for help The story leads us in many directions as they try to determine who the thief is I love that the author allows us to visit the characters from the previous novels in the series, as they continue their stories This book is full of romance and suspense, and will keep the reader engaged all the way to the end Thank you to Forever and Grand Central Publishing for the advance copy. This author writes love stories for the ages and this book is definitely one of those stories The brave, courageous and super smart heroine, Eleanora who is forced to help out the kind, charming but a little oblivious to his reality, hero, Wrexham, Duke of Els in finding fraud in his ducal holdings and bank As Eleanora starts an audit of Els s books, he starts falling for the fiercely smart Eleanora but she tries to keep her distance due to her complicated past riddled with secrets Now, as they grow closer, they both need to figure out what is most important for them, stay safe or take a risk and hold on to a love that will never be found again I will definitely recommend this beautifully written romance On a side note, I really want Jack, Eleanora s cousin to get a HEA The part of the book where he goes to Eleanora for help when he is on the brink of destitution but wanting to find honest work, made me tear up and I want him to get his own story that ends in happiness I hope the author writes him his own story too I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review Everything you ever wanted to know about 19th century forensic accounting but were afraid to ask The main plot, involving personal ducal financial irregularities and intrigues at a family bank, was easy enough to figure out But Rex the duke in question and financial auditor Ellie were an intelligent, well matched couple, and their story was pleasant enough Burrowes writes romances where the drama is not in whether the protagonists like each other, but whether external forces will keep them apart She s like Mary Balogh in that way It s a soothing experience reading about two mature adults who fall in love and aren t afraid to admit it That sounds like I found this book dull, but it s that it s calming to read something moderately paced, where I know things are going to turn out okay for everyone but the villain. Reviewed for NetGalley I quite enjoy reading Grace Burrowes novels, and this one was no exception I always appreciate the care and concern the hero and heroine have for each other, and their friendships also seem full of that I really appreciate seeing people help out their friends and family and love them, it s nice to read about I felt like the ending was a little bit rushed It just kind of ended I often feel that way about Burrowes novels though.This book also had a novella in it by Kelly Bowen I think I had read it before I might have even received it from NetGalley If I am mistaken and it is a new novella, it is very similar to another story she has written Either way, I enjoy the story, and hope people read it, and continue to read the series it s connected to.