For I Have Sinned

For I Have SinnedThis Is An Alternate Cover Edition For B00BBC4ASO Cursed Or Blessed A Man Of God Must Make A Choice Father Greg, A Catholic Priest And Recovering Alcoholic, Took A Vow Of Obedience At His Ordination But Thirty Years Later, That Roman Collar Chafes His Neck His Love For God Is Not In Doubt, But The Same Can T Be Said For His Faith In The Church After A Young Interracial Couple Joins His Parish In The Small Exclusive Resort Community Of James Bay, Michigan, Father Greg Finds Himself Waging A Fierce Battle Fighting Parishioners Prejudices When An Attractive Widow From The Parish Joins Hands With Him To Befriend The Young Couple, The Problems Only Escalate And So Do The Rumors About A Romance Caught Up In A War With Church Leaders And His Own Guilty Conscience, Father Greg Is Trapped He S Good At Standing Up For Others, But Now He Needs To Learn How To Stand Up For Himself It S The Only Way He Ll Become The Man He Was Always Meant To Be With Or Without The Roman Collar. First of all, full disclosure I am not Catholic There I feel much better having confessed that And it doesn t even matter, because this book isn t just for Catholics Like many fiction books that heavily feature religion, the religion in this book provides of a backdrop and a source of conflict than any sort of agenda The theme of the book is definitely not prosthelytizing Now that that s out of the way, I have to say, I fell a little bit okay, a LOT in love with the protagonist, Father Greg He s real he s human he s flawed he s struggling he s coming to grips with his increased dissatisfaction with life And he s making a pretty big mess of things I found myself reluctant to stop reading when I had to do things like sleep, drive, go to work, or interact with other human beings I couldn t wait to see how Father Greg was going to reconcile his seemingly hopeless situation while also being there for his parishioner
Having been raised in the Catholic Church, I could totally relate to this story about a conflicted priest Father Greg is a good man, one I came to know and love I felt for him as he struggles with his moral dilemma and with various parish and diocesan conflicts A story compelling told
I loved getting to know Father Greg and follow him through the ups and downs of being a Catholic priest and his relationships with people I admire the way he was there for his friends but also had some doubts and concerns about himself and the right path to travel I also enjoy the character s of James Bay and having them pay visits in each following book It s great to have some follow up on what is going on in their lives after the original boo
Kathleen Irene Paterka is a brave and brilliant writer Written from the POV of a conflicted priest, For I Have Sinned is such a real, raw and honest story I was hooked from the very first line and stayed com
Loved it For a non Catholic, this was a wonderful view into the life of a priest and a very good one at that Loved how he was portrayed, human but very devoted to God I could not help but wonder if the autho
Won this here on Goodreads Loved it Can t say enough about a book that makes me laugh, cry, and feel all sorts of strong emotions I love a book where I can feel for the characters Will definitely read . Fair readI like how it was from a man s poignant of view this book was my least favorite out of the four. For I Have Sinned by Kathleen Irene Paterka was a book that I read in one day I was so engrossed in the story that I had to finish it Father Greg Kozminski is a parish pastor in northern Michigan The story begins as he is awaiting penitents in the confessional on a Saturday afternoon He is struggling with his diocese and its adherence to the archaic church rules He is in his mid fifties, trying to reconcile church rules with the needs of his parishioners He is stuck with a shrew of a secretary, who thinks she runs the place, but whom he cannot fire because of the chaos it would cause among the parishioners She s been there so long that she s a fixture His bishop is on his case about many minute details against rules that seem to him just an adherence to tradition The story continues as he fights with his conscience and his demons and the bishop and his mother I really feel sorry for this guy I guess I can relate because I was a parish secretary for ove
Father Greg is a recovering alcoholic His faith in God is strong, but his faith in the Catholic Church is being tested by local issues and grievances The intolerance demonstrated by his parishioners towards a young couple who join the community, and the intervention of a young widow, drive him towards crisis point.Father Greg is a wonderfully complex and sympathetic character He s flawed, but he s a good man He makes mistakes, but his heart is always in the right place.I m not a Catholic, and you definitely don t need to be a Catholic, or even religious, to really feel for Father Greg His story had me turning page after page late into the night in order to discover what path he chooses.If you re looki
A fascinating book that I didn t want to stop reading Father Greg has been a priest for thirty years, but things happen that cause him to look anew at his vocation Although his love for God never wavers, his choice of the priesthood is questioned as well as the po