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Fancy PantsTHEY RE CAVIAR AND BEER KEROSENE ON FIRE AND THEY RE FALLING HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE She Was The Most Beautiful British Bauble In Europe S Jet Set Playgrounds Now She S Broke, Furious, And Limping Down A Backwoods Road In An Ugly Pink Southern Belle Gown He Was Tall, Lean, And All American Gorgeous He Liked His Brews Cold And Women Loved To Keep Him Warm Why In Hell Is He Stopping His Car For This Woebegone, Surly Scarlett Meet Francesca Day And Dallie Beaudine, Two Incredible Characters Whose Tangled Love Affair Is At The Heart Of This Ravishing New York Times Bestseller From Award Winning Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips Come Enjoy The Adventure Of A Lifetime An Irresistible Story That S Touching, Hilarious, And Hellcat Passionate You Ll Never Forget Dallie And The Sassy Lady Who Needs A Good Swift Kick In Her 1 Star Spoilers Maybe Probably Or Not Dear book,I hate you.You killed every romantic cell in my body You wiped out any hope that epic love does exist.You re deceptively enjoyable to read and full of unpleasant surprises You have a tendency to be very likeable and engrossing but you make sure to bring readers on their knees when they least expect it.Your main characters are unlikeable and selfish.Your chauvinistic, sexist hero with not one likeable characteristic and no redeeming qualities, who also likes to hit women and shout at children, rests on my worst heroes shelf now And no matter what anybody says, I don t believe all this trouble started when women got the vote As far as I m concerned, it goddamn well got started when you taught each other how to read I only hit two women in my life, he finally said, Your spoiled, doormat heroine is an embarrassment for the whole female species I ll never forget the way she desperately chases the douchebag hero and throws herself at him.Your secondary characters are weird and sometimes redundant Their extens
This is going to be short and sweet I can t say much because a friend Karen is still reading it but I wanted to post something.Review edit So Karen finished and has posted her review You have to check it out KAREN S AMAZING REVIEW I really, really enjoyed this one What a great book Fancy Pants was the perfect book to fill my snowbound day yesterday I thought Francesca Fancy Pants Day was such a wonderful leading lady and Dallas Dallie Beaudine was such a prick, but a loveable prick I loved these two.One of the things I loved about it was that the story spans over a period of time where we get a back story on Francesca that propels you into a new period of time It is the time in which she meets Dallie and she realizes her life will never be the same I adored the banter between Francie and Dallie and all the anxiety these two caused me They were so different, yet
She was the most beautiful British bauble in Europe s jet set playgrounds Now she s broke, furious, and limping down a backwoods road in an ugly pink Southern Belle gown.He was tall, lean, and all American gorgeous He liked his brews cold and women loved to keep him warm Why in hell is he stopping his car for this woebegone, surly Scarlett I read this book about 4 or 5 years ago and I loved it I re read the book about two years ago and I loved it I recommended it to Karen and Sharon and they loved it Saw their updates and said to myself what are they talking about Surely my memory was not THAT bad Yes, it was Had forgotten some of the book but remembered most of it Read it a third time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT He was a new generation of good ol boys movie star handsome, self deprecating and a lot smarter than he wanted folks to let on I loved Dallie, the overbearing, macho jerk He had a tough childhood He loved golf and was good at it but not good enough to win the big ones I enjoy golf and do watch the big tournaments, the Masters, the Ryder Cup But don t be put off by the golf theme Francesca What an annoying, spoiled little girl you were You took a knock You dusted yourself off and
So, SEP can write Her books are funny and quite readable Yet, I ve only enjoyed one that I ve ever read, and it wasn t this one This was a 1989 publication, and it s becoming painfully clear to me I don t have that 80s lovin feeling There were major and minor issues in this, just as with Perfect I haven t read too much in the recent years from Phillips, but I will say that I DNFed It Had to Be You because I hated the hero The hero, Dallie, in this oneI didn t like him that much better i appreciated the characters for what they were imperfect and the story for what it was covering a long timespan from decades ago and the couple s chemistry was really top notch.But When a book is written in 1989 things happen There is jarring language that wasn t acceptable then, though it was popularly used, and it s not acceptable now In other words, these books don t age The number of derogatory remarks toward people of the gay community pulled me out of the story so many times Things like if you re soft on him he ll be queer Things like the f word that
I loved it This is my second time reading it and I thought it was great Loved Dallie the overbearing jerk Ms Fancy Pants what a girl dusted herself off and got on with life Please read this book It is so much than any of
1.5 starsI had the flu while reading this so my notes thoughts were mired in me feeling like I was experiencing a slow death Because of the homophobic comments and misogyny, I just couldn t get into this If I had read it when it was first published I gave This Heart of Mine 5 stars and that has a huge problematic scene maybe I would feel differently but as Sam AMNReader says, when you know better, you do better in her Review, I read it at age 35 in 2018 and I personally felt there were a lot of Not ok things being done and being said This was almost
5 STARS image error Fancy Pants is the best unexpected surprise I ve gotten so far this year I was extremely reluctant about starting this book, and I probably wouldn t have even given it a try if it hadn t been for Anzu s review the fact that I had it as a group read In a nutshell, this is basically what this book meant to me This book made me feel every different kind of emotion, from angry to love to joy to frustration to shock, and everything in between I started out hating Francie and ended with her as one of the most inspirational and wonderful characters I ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know I started with loving Dallie, then hating him, and then pitying him I ended with liking him, but all my love for this book s cast is reserved solely for Francie I give this book 4 stars for enjoyment alone, and the 0.5 star that GR refuses to show goes to everything else Fancy Pants made m
All The Stars StarsOn Sale 1.99 I read this years ago and it was my hook to all things, Susan Elizabeth Phillips Want a perfectly fantastic of what a Romance should bethen Read This For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways This was a hell of a story Spanning two generations and a handful of decades, it was most definitely not what I expected I m not much for chick litin fact, I used to really dislike it, finding it wannabe melodramatic than even a lot of romance out there But if anyone can make me love something I usually wouldn t, it would be Susan Elizabeth Phillips YES, the story was LOOOOOOOONGGGGGG No, there really wasn t a ton of romance this was my biggest complaint And yes, there were a lot of characters to introduce and long stretches of random tangents to endure However, when all was said and done, SEP had me so invested in all of the characters that I couldn t help but love the book Can you scream CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Because if I ve ever been a witness to it, it would be while watching Francie and Dallie grow up during the course of this book There were times in which I didn t even like any single person involved i

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