Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination As Developed by C.G. Jung

Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination As Developed by C.G. JungBarbara Hannah, Jungian Analyst And Author, Explores Jung S Method Of Active Imagination, Often Considered The Most Powerful Tool In Analytical Psychology For Achieving Direct Contact With The Unconscious And Attaining Greater Inner Awareness Using Historical And Contemporary Case Studies, Hannah Traces The Human Journey Toward Personal Wholeness This Approach To Confronting The Unconscious Is A Healing Process That Applies To Both Men And Women And Deals In Depth With The Injured Feminine As Well As Many Powerful Archetypal Forces. Xodo The best explanation and intriduction to active imagination A must. This collection of texts first published 1981 comprises case studies, and the author s re interpretation of religious spiritual journeys from individuals in ancient revolutionary Egypt, and medieval France For example, the latter presents the virtuosity in which the monk Hugues de Saint Victor comes to terms with a possessive manifestation of his soul anima, and his attempt through dialogue to direct her towards his god.The last third of the book is an edited version of The Healing Influence of Active Imagination in a Specific case of Neurosis This is a first hand account written over a 40 year period by Barbara Hannah s occasional analysand Anna Marjula the pseudonym of an unnamed and renowned musician d.1981 Written in the form of a lecture, it shows Anna confronting her negative father complex acquired from her abusive real father and the subsequent encounters with her negative dominating animus, and her discovery of the Great Mother.The book is not particularly instructive for the individual in the idiosyncratic pursuit of unconscious content I found few hooks to my own unconscious content , although it is affective in revealing the general power of religious language, the manifestations of the high level archetypes, and elaborating an excellent female perspective on the syzygy relations The book s shadow is somewhat of a doppelg nger the author does not give a critical view of the assumptions that support the method, she only warn
I m not sure how to rate this It reads like science fiction, but is, in fact, a very real aspect of Jungian analysis that has been used in the real world The whole process of active imagination seems impossible, yet Jung devoted his life to its practise and transformed himself through its use This book is written by one of his students who outlines case studies using the active imagination process I was really interested, but found myself
l ve de Jung, B.Hannah nous fait carr ment entrer dans la t tes de ces patients et ceux qu elle a eu en commun avec Jung Cette technique d imagination active est captivante de par ces r sultats et l aventure qu elle procure aux lecteurs et j imagine galement aux patients Assez ordinaire comme traduction et difficile comprendre par moment vu ma faible connaissance en la mati re, ma
Used case studies to explain the possibilities and pitfalls of active imagination Intriguing book.

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  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination As Developed by C.G. Jung
  • Barbara Hannah
  • English
  • 11 March 2019
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