Aliens: Earth Hive

Aliens: Earth HiveWilks Was A Space Marine With A Near Fatal Flaw He Had A Heart Billie Was A Child, The Only Survivor Of A Far Flung Colony Outpost Thrown Together In The Last Hellish Night Of An Alien Invasion, Billie And Wilks Helped Each Other Get Out Alive Thirteen Years Later Wilks Is In Prison, And Billie Lives In A Mental Institution, The Nightmare Memories Of The Massacre At Rim Seared Into Her Mind Now The Government Has Tapped Wilks To Lead An Expedition To The Aliens Home Planet To Bring Back A Live Alien But The Competition On Earth To Develop The Aliens As A New Weapons System Is Brutal When Wilks S Team Departs On Their Mission, A Trained Assassin Trails Them And What Follows Is No Less Than Guerrilla Warfare On The Aliens Planet And Alien Conquest On Earth I discovered the existence of this book series thanks to browsing some pages on the Alien Predator wiki which meant getting spoiled for a major twist in this book, but still noregrets, because it led me to picking these up in the first place BEWARE, FOR I AM GOING TO NERD OUT A LOT IN THIS REVIEW, I love this franchise so much This is, no exaggeration, the story that should have been Alien 3 It s perfectly in the spirit of the movie series slow, creeping horror mouthy marines and badass ladies shady corporations hungry for a profit androids and the ethics of artificial intelligence and what makes a person a person explosive action and massacres scientists and higher ups making really, really, terrible decisions while the soldiers in the trenches suffer found family even people of colour and some religious diversity also a couple transcripts, which are some of my favourite storytelling techniques and, most importantly, THE RETURN OF HICKS AND NEWT happycryingemoji I m bummed that some people disliked this book, because I thought this was a pitch perfect series tie in, and genuinely well written on Perry s part I highlighted SO MANY QUOTES, see bottom It s utilitarian than poetic and flowery, but still has a few lovely turns of phrase.Some context for this book There was a Dark Horse comics miniseries intended as a sequel to Aliens, featuring the continuing adventures of Hicks and Newt Aliens Earth Hive is a
I really wanted to like this book I ve been fascinated with the Xenomorphs for quite a while now, and I purchased this around the time Prometheus was released Interestingly enough, the Engineers actually do feature here, although I am unable to discern as yet how everything fits together That s tie in fiction for you Earth Hive was released in the early 1990s and is book 1 in the Aliens series, but details about Xenomorph behaviour, biology and society is so sparse, and treated so peripherally, that it reads like a footnote of something much larger All this novel basically tells you about the Aliens, is that they have heads like bananas Yes, bananas Obviously, the assumption is that anybody who is reading this at least knows what the Xenomorphs look like, otherwise this is open to serious misinterpretation Is the
So I read this book in under 24 hours because I found it to be such a page turner I m hesitant to rate this book five stars because I worry people will start to assume that I m not frugal enough with my ratings, that I just give four or five stars to anything with passing quality not that anybody actually reads the reviews I leave I can see someone thinking, why does this deserve five stars I mean, this is just a cheap sci fi story, right It s not some literary masterpiece that captures the essence of the human experience And to that I would say, no, it s not a masterpiece But really who goes into a sci fi book called Alien Earth Hive thinking one is going to learn something profoundly insightful about what it means to be alive No, my only hope going into this story was that the book would entertain me I did not go into this book expecting any outlook changing ideas By that standard entertainment the book went well beyond my expectations Almost immediately, I was introduced to characters who I actually cared about Basically, only the main characters of Wilks, Billie, and Mitch, but that s than I can say for many stories where I can t even get behind the supposed protagonists I felt the strongest part of this book might have been its characters I, at least, ide
This was a great Aliens novel While the first two movies were classics, this novel was better than any of the movies that came after the first two.A derelict ship is found in Earth orbit, and an alien is onboard The ships black box shows a way back to what is probably the Aliens homeworld Of course the government sees bioweapon all over the alien and sets off to the homeworld The problem is, Weyland Yutani already has an alien specimen on Earth, and they want to be the only ones to have it So they follow along to sabotage the government mission as well as find the homeworld Things go downhill from there The twist to all this are the two main characters, a male and female who were part of an Alien incursion years in the past who are recruited to assist the expedition since they are the only people who have truly encountered them It s Hicks and Newt from Aliens, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty or something Well, really only on
Not my first Perry novelization, so wasn t really expecting to have my socks blown off, but this still managed to kinda disappoint With such a strong franchise providing fertile ground to plough, there should be no need for rehashing bits from movies both from within the franchise and outside or creating awkwardly spliced in love stories The best bits of the novel, in fact, came in the parts outside the main mission storyline, p
What I learned from this book would be that if I wanted to possibly study an advanced, killer, alien species be it for military value, biological value or any value and said species could replicate faster than cockroachesI wouldn t do it on my HOME PLANET.Not related to the book Aliens Cauldron, which I just finished up, this is the first book in a different, hardcore series if I must say so With a grizzled, war veteran hero, a traumatized young girl turned ass kicker, Earth Hive is exactly what I was looking for when I picked up an Aliens novel It has the violence, the machismo, the intensity of swarming aliens and the humility of arrogant humans abounds With this book, I finally got to see not only deeper into the Aliens background with a visit to their supposed homeworld, but Perry also introduced several other alien life forms just as deadly
A semi entertaining side story to the Alien franchise. So, this book starts off with two dream sequences One would have been bad enough, but in order to introduce the two main characters, Newt Billie and Hicks Wilks, Perry puts us through two dream sequences to bring us up to speed It s a cheap method for character development, though, to be fair, Aliens had one, too.Earth Hive has a lot of other throwbacks to Aliens, including but not limited to a scene where Wilks shows Billie how to use his weapons asses and elbows is used once It s the only way to be sure is also used and an android gets torn in half by an alien, in the exact same way Bishop was.It s ridiculous I m not sure what the purpose of all that is, except that maybe the writers really wanted to write the novelization of Aliens and figured this was the closest they d get.Now, I don t necessarily want to blame Perry for all this, because this book is actually the novelization of a comic of the same name that was intended to be a sequel to Aliens The problem was that this book was released the same year Alien did,
Aliens Novels Book 1, Earth Hive 0 553 56120 0I m a die hard fan of the Aliens movies, so it seemed natural to branch out a bit and check out the novel series that was written based off of the film and comic franchise Earth Hive being the first book, I dived in with relish, fully expecting, however, that the end results would be pretty poor I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case.Wilks and Billie are the sole survivors of an alien infestation on a remote colonized world, years ago, when Billie was just a child and Wilks was the marine who rescued her If this sounds familiar, there s a good reason Wilks and Billie are basically Hicks and Newt from Aliens Without getting too deep in the back story, it seems that the original comic writers hadn t initially foreseen that the two would be killed off in Alien 3 , so when the novel series came out afterward, they just changed the names of our heroes, added a few tantalizing throw away references to the others who survived a similar outbreak and are missing in action a marine and two civilians Hicks, Ripley, and Newt , and then moved forward without changing anything else in the story In a way, I think this is actually a fortuitous change Hicks and Newt have a lot of emotional baggage attached to them at this point, and it s probably better to start fresh with this new Wilks and Billie,
This is my second, maybe third time reading this book I have read Perry s work in the past, and often enjoyed it When I got a chance to go back to this novel I leapt at the chance, as I had fond memories of reading it when I was younger.Reading this book now it s good, but not amazing Perry does a good job bringing together a number of elements of the Alien s world, which helps to craft the eventual end of the book He bounces between quiet a few characters and does it in such a way you are never really confused as to who is who Each character is there for a reason and has a roll to play in the story of the novel But what got me was the xenomorph home world It just felt wrong There are a number of things that just didn t mesh up with the canon of the Alien franchise not current, but the one before it got expanded with AvP and Prometheus and that shot down my suspension of belief pretty quickly I don t know if that was a fault of Perry, or the material he was writing from, but it s still a flaw in the