Doctor in Petticoats

Doctor in PetticoatsDoctor Alex Buchanan Is A Wanted Man A Deseter From The Army Stalked By A Bounty Hunter But He D Rather Be Dead Than Inflict Any Pain On His Patients Beth McClellan Is Idealistic, Believing The Nursing Training She Received Will Be Enough To Help Her Serve As Doctor To Her Home Town In West Texas When Alex And Beth Meet In A Stagecoach Accident, They Find That They Work Well Together But Are His Demons And Her Dreams Too Deeply Rooted For Either Of Them To Pay The Price Required For A Future Together Excuse me while I go GOUGE MY EYEBALLS OUT.Let s hear it for the logic of this book Doctor I have PTSD and severe emotional trauma Beth I want to be a doctor Also, this man is so annoying Random people Help us doctor Doctor No can do without Beth Beth s parents We ve both got a big day tomorrow can t chaperone Sorry, no Beth Random Pastor Why don t we just get the two of you hitched, then no chaperone issue Doctor Great plan Beth Why not What could go wrong This book tries to handle mental issues but just results in some seriously creepy and forced romance that made me want to gag Severe emotional trauma does not go away, even momentarily, because a hot girl l
There are just some books that take you by surprise and draw you into the story with a stranglehold that refuses to be released.I loved the sheer absurdity of the characters, some of the stuff that Beth did was just off the wall, but it was set up in a way that makes perfect sense The writing is funny and ridiculous in a good way Once you really enter the story, you get the entire feel of being in the character s world.Not many books can make me feel the agony as a character dangles over a cliff, but I sure felt it in this one I could see the hair pin turns that the out of control stage was heading for and small Beth hauling back on the reins.I loved the subplot of Mandy, Beth s sister, and I can only hope I get to read about her in the coming books Will she get out from under the thumb of her tyrannical husba
Oh GodImplausible and even laughable I tried to suspend judgement until I finished the book but I knew when the author had Sally breathing through her esophagus that it was going to be very hard Maybe someone could tell her about the trachea and it s function Okay, so in real life this book simply doesn t happen well Beth makes a hasty marriage to a PTSD crazed doctor after a crazy sequence of events leaves them alone caring for folks one night The rest of th
Doctor in Petticoats is my first Mary Connealy book but I guarantee it won t be my last She has created a special place in my heart for romantic comedy AND cowboys that I fear only she can fill However, amidst all the laughs and quick wit, there is depth to her writing that moves you and reaches past the funny bone to touch the heart.Meeting the McClellen family makes you instantly wish you were a part of it I found them to be a strong, courageous, loving, selfless lot, starting with probably the best fictional parents I ve read in a long time Clay and Sophie McClellen are the kind of parents any girl would love to have, especially living out West back in the day I was thrilled to learn that Clay and Sophie had their own story back in Petticoat Ranch , so I plan to go back and read that book, too, and see where this incredible family all began From reading Clay and Sophie s scenes and POV s in this book I have no doubt that they were an amazing hero and heroine.We learn from the very first page that the women in this story are strong, level headed, smart as a whip, beauties, who know how to survive anything the West throws at them Beth McClellen is no exception She thinks on her feet and isn t afraid of things that would make most girls swoon to their death She has a servants heart, that is moved with compassion and gentle understanding for those around her But the gentle part is put to the test when lives are at stake and the one person that is able to hel
All in all I enjoyed this one It was a light hearted story mostly It was fast paced and action packed, and did not really give the reader a chance to be bored I did have a few complaints with it, however Given the title, I expected a story about a woman doctor Instead, she had medical training , but was not much than a nurse and not once was she allowed to practice without the aid of a real doctor and a man in the vicinity Rather disappointing, given the expectations of reading of an actual doctor.I also found the book a bit goofy through much of it In some ways the tone just didn t ring quite true The way the women were so ready to bash and crash and shoot better than any man sort of had me raising an eyebrow at the whole thing It wasn t bad , but it did sort of lend a silly feel to things The hero of the story, Alec Buchanan, sort of struck me as a wimp I mean, he was rather traumatized, but he didn t seem to have any real.pride or strength He seemed a bit too dependant on Beth and without her in the story, he would have just slid into a useless puddle None of the men seemed particularly strong, when it comes down to it Th
If you are going to read Mary Connealy I suggest doing so in this order Lassoed in Texas trilogy, the Montana Marriages , then Sophie s Daughters The reason being that she brings characters from different series together sometimes Bu
n writing a book review, I am trying to share with you what I like and don t like about a particular book I am trying to save you time by giving you the gist of the book without revealing the story I have 4 do s and 1 don t when I write a review.1 Tell me how hot the romance is between the two characters.2 If it is a series, let me know which book I need to read first in order to understand this book or is there a book in the series better than this one.3 How good is it compared to other Christian Historical Fiction CHF writers 4 Is God and faith an afterthought Thrown in to make the book a Christian book or is it central to the plot and the characters 5 Don t just repeat the summary plot and then add I liked it There are huge differences in Christian Fiction and I don t want to waste my time on reading something that doesn t appeal to me I want to zero in on writers who write the stuff that I like Period Based on this criteria, I like Mary Connealy s writing She makes me laugh out loud and that instantly makes a book better for me I was laugh
You know how when a good book ends, you re a bit miffed that it ended when it did Or you just wanted to know a bit about these people s lives before it ends Or So where did they end up living Well, that seems to be the feeling I get with every book I ve read of Mary s So darn frustrating that the story ends at all, never mind where it ends I know every character in Mary s books as if they re my neighbors Beth McClellan is a character close to my heart as I m the only one in my generation and only the second in my family to graduate from college My mother was a family pioneer of sorts like Sophie McClellan and I, like her daughter, Beth, am a nurse who wants to take health care back home to give aid where needed She finds herself giving aid to those around her, before she even gets home, at a stage coach accident Who does she find to take care of but, Alex Buchanen, an army doctor who s deserted and has PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder well, that s what s called nowadays It used to be called shell shocked in my parent s time and who knows if it even had a name in the 1880 s This book has lots of adventure, praying, and laughs, too Could it g
Mary Connealy s books are always a riot and Doctor in Petticoats is no exception As a fan of the slightly unbelievable, cowboys and feisty heroines, for me, Ms Connealy s books are must reads I really loved this book If you know anything at all about Mary s previous series, Lassoed in Texas you know that Beth McClellan the main character in Doctor in Petticoats comes by her sassiness and strength honestly Beth and her brand new, virtual stranger to her husband, Alex make a terrific team I love how they work together However even though this is their story, my favorite parts were the glimpses that we got of Beth s sister, Mandy and what seems to be the makings of a very interesting story I m a bit sad that we have to wait till Book 3, Sharpshooter in Petticoats for the full story but on the bright side we only have to wait until October to find out what happens to Beth s other sister, Sally in

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