DEAD In This New Book, Cleverly Designed To Look Like A Marble Tombstone Complete With Marble Edge Stain , Charles Saatchi Relates Often Perversely Entertaining Stories That Look At Death And Mortality In A Coolly Amused And Detached Way In 52 Brief Essays Sometimes Dark, Sometimes Droll And Including 50 Illustrations, Saatchi Spans A Wide Variety Of Topics The Russian Mafia, Snake Eating Spiders, Attila The Hun, The Wild West, Being Run Over By Your Own Dog, Even Laughing Yourself Into A Heart Attack. As befits a man with an advertising background this is all surface sheen and no depth Some good ideas and interesting facts here, but few merit than a couple of lines Most chapters begin with a nugget relevant to the title then off he flits to something rather unrelated as if he c
Review Title Dead to writesI pick up and read books for many reasons, but this may be the first book I ever read based on the photograph in an advertisement sign Last year when I was in London I rode the Underground almost every day, and one stop had an ad for this book with a picture that made me stop, think, and smile It was a black and white photo, possibly from the early 20th century, of a young boy, about 12 years old I d guess, leapfrogging over a gravestone What a powerful symbol of death inexorably waiting to claim us, but of the youthful and very human I might even say divine desire to defeat death by leapfrogging over it Death is the ultimate end, but we can live like it doesn t matter until it comes.While the actual book may not have lived up to the promise of that one photograph which is appropriately the last one in the book it is still an interesting piece of work Charles Saatchi is in fact an advertising executive and design guru better known for his art and cultural exhibitions in London Dead is in essence one of those exhibitions in the form of words arranged in short essays accompanied by photographs in a por
This book is like an art show of gore It is an art book with well curated photography, and it is excellently done.If you find real life horror, murder, deadly animals, accidents and death caught on film interesting, this one is for you. Interesting concept, so so execution If you re interested in the macabre, there s no shortage of fascinating vignettes to be found here, but Saatchi doesn t do a very good job of tying the whole together It s a quick
Very Very clever and interesting

[[ BOOKS ]] ⚡ DEAD  Author Charles Saatchi –
  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • DEAD
  • Charles Saatchi
  • 02 April 2017
  • 9781861543592