Dancing at Ciro's: A Family's Love, Loss, and Scandal on the Sunset Strip

Dancing at Ciro's: A Family's Love, Loss, and Scandal on the Sunset StripIn 1958, Young Sheila Weller Was Living A Charmed Life With Her Family In Beverly Hills Her Father Was A Brilliant Brain Surgeon Her Mother Was A Movie Magazine Writer Whose Brother Owned Hollywood S Most Dazzling Nightclub, Ciro S Then Her World Exploded After She Witnessed Her Uncle S Brutal Attempt To Kill Her Father.Weller Has Written A Deeply Felt Memoir Of Her Family S Life Contrasted With Those Most Glamorous Days Of Hollywood S Forties And Fifties While Vividly Describing Lana Turner S, Frank Sinatra S, And Sammy Davis Jr S Evenings And Breakdowns At Ciro S, Weller Casts A Keen Eye On Her Own Family S Turmoil And Loss. A touching memoir about a horrible moment in one family s life..by the incomparable Sheila Weller Every one of her books is a must read. Maybe it s because I get it, maybe it s because I was a daughter seeking approval without success, maybe it was the final goodbye and a vast gulf of silence that still separates this daughter from her father, I m not sure, but I loved this book, I absolutely loved this book Dancing at Ciro s by Sheila Weller had me talking to myself and feeling every emotional gut punch as I turned those pages Aside from being a who s who of 1940s 1950s Hollywood, very dishy I might add, Shelia shines a flashlight on the cast of characters she calls family and the father who made no secret of his lack of enthusiasm for his firstborn daughter If this smiley, ridiculous cheerleader wasn t who I was, then who am I When you spend you young life seeking the love and approval, unsuccessfully, from a parent who shapes and defines your being, you fall behind learning who you a
This book is really a family history The author tries to make it into something first, because her uncle owned Ciro s, a popular 40s 50s nightclub in Hollywood and, second, because her family, both paternal and maternal, were first generation Jewish Americans who made the move from New York to the West Coast But it s much prosaic than that Just a story about a couple her parents who probably should never have married, since they were not well suited to each other, and who ended up divorced with her father eventually ending up with her uncle s wife Her mother s family was much oriented to the entertainment lifestyle and her mother wrote gossip columns Her father overcame some personal problems to become a neurological surgeon, when neurology was still something
3.5 stars Enjoyed for its film, Hollywood, and Sunset Strip history The family memoir aspect was a bit muddled and lacked distance understandable considering the author was writing about her own family and was putting some old demons to rest Perhaps not the strongest biography, b
I was so bummed out with this book I loved Girls Like Us from Sheila Weller, but this was just depressing I knew it was going to be a heavy topic to read about but I didn t realize how depressing it w
This book was ok I felt like you needed a lesson in early Hollywood history in order to understand all the people the author mentioned But she wove it in well and tried to make comparisons to modern day stars
I love Sheila Weller s style of writing and after reading Girls Like Us and seeing her speak it was fun to get insight into her own life growing up in Hollywood Her family is fascinating and it was SO interesting to read all the stories Definitely recommend it, esp if you lived d
A book sale find I am a magnet for anything related to Hollywood and the glamour era I did not expect this type of story What a compelling read this was Show biz and real regular human life all combined To live among the Hollywood glitz and try to live a normal life is imp
Lots of surprises here More than a Hollywood tell all, it s a well written tale of a Jewish family gone west, with a surprising twist toward the end.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Dancing at Ciro's: A Family's Love, Loss, and Scandal on the Sunset Strip
  • Sheila Weller
  • English
  • 16 February 2018
  • 9780312283018