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Kongres futurologicznyIjon Tichy Is Sent To The 8th World Futurological Congress By Prof Tarantoga The Conference Focuses On Overpopulation It S Held At The 164 Storey Costa Rica Hilton In Nounas Absurdities Abound With The Hilton S Guaranteed Bomb Free Rooms The Extravagance Of The Suite, Including A Palm Grove An All Girl Orchestra Play Ing Bach While Performing A Cleverly Choreographed Striptease The Conference Is Absurd Papers Are Too Numerous To Allow Full Presentations They Re Distributed Speakers Call Out Paragraph Numbers Of The Salient Points Tichy Drinks Tap Water An Hallucinogenic Trip Begins Notably, It Never Becomes Or Less Absurd Than The Glimpse Of Reality Presented At The Outset Next Day He Learns The Government Has Drugged The Water Supply With Love Thy Neighbor, A Drug Causing Helpless Benevolence Events Spiral Out Of Control At The Hilton, Which Is Already So Chaotic That Charred Bombing Victims Are Covered With Tarps While Guests Do Business The Government Bombs The Hotel Tichy Escapes To Sewers Where Rats Walk On Hind Legs He S Evacuated By The Military, But The Helicopter Crashes He Awakes In Hospital Finds His Brain Has Been Transplanted Into An Attractive Young Black Woman Protesters Attack The Hospital Tichy Is Nearly Killed Again This Time He Wakes To Find He S Been Transplanted Into The Body Of A Fat, Red Haired Man His State Grows Increasingly Fragile He Can T Distinguish Reality From Hallucination The Staff Freeze Him Until A Time When Medicine Can Help He Awakes In 2039 Tichy Keeps A Journal To Chronicle His Experience His Future Shock Is So Great That He Finds He S Being Introduced To The World In Small Stages By The Medical Staff In This Utopian Society Money Is No Object One Can Go To The Bank, Request A Sum Borrow It Interest Free No Effort Is Made To Collect As Most Take A Drug That Instills A Sense Of Pride Work Ethic, Disallowing Default There S Bias Against Defrostees There Are Many Words He Doesn T Understand The Talk S A Mishmash Of Words With Clear English Roots, But He S Mystified Like Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep , Mood Is Regulated Whereas Dick S Characters Use Machines To Control Their Emotions, Lem S Use Drugs He Gets Involved With A Woman She Takes Recriminol To Make Her Combative In Arguments Following Their Break Up, Tichy Becomes Disillusioned With The Psychem Mentality Wherein Drugs Regulate Waking Moments He Resolves To Stop Taking Any Drugs Confides To His Friend, Dr Trottelreiner, That He Can T Stand The World Trottelreiner Explains That The Everyday Drugs He S Tired Of Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg Narcotics Hallucinogens Are Trifles Compared To Mascons Powerful Enough To Mask Whole Swaths Of Reality. Books are no longer read but eaten, not made of paper but of some informational substance, fully digestible, sugar coated A few grams of dantine, for instance, and a man goes around with the deep conviction that he has written The Divine Comedy Stanislaw Lem, The Futurological CongressA short novel narrated by cosmonaut Ijon Tichy, a kind of futuristic Alexis de Tocqueville who shares his travel report and diary beginning at a convention of world futurologists held at a space age hotel in Costa Rica where he has a room one hundred floors above the street Tichy is as clearheaded as Thomas Jefferson or Isaac Newton, a well educated gentleman with an impeccable moral sense Too bad Tichy isn t living in the eighteenth century age of reason rather than the twenty first century of the future where the entire world has gone mad on mass ingestion of every variety and kind of weird pills to alter mood and even weirder chemicals to twist, bend, rotate and transform the mind This was my very first Stanislaw Lem and it certainly will not be my last Did the author coat the corners of the book s pages with hallucinogens for me to lick Sometimes, as I turned the pages, I thought such a practice would have been most appropriate In a similar spirit, below are a batch of psychic hits, eight strobe light flashes, of what a reader will encounter with Lem s spectacular, speculative loop the loop Kill the Pope At a hotel bar, one where an al
Stanislaw Lem outdoes Philip K Dick on the latter s home territory If reading this doesn t make you doubt the solidity of the world for at least a moment or two, you are an enviably secure person I m afraid I still feel apprehens
Ok, so I don t want to give too much away here This short book, almost a novella really, takes you on quite a ride, and I really enjoyed not knowing where it was going, so I m not going to say too much about the plot But basically it starts in one dystopian future, where the main character is at a convention about solving the world s many serious problems, and then it takes you to another, where all of those problems have been solved by technology and pharmacology in particular This is referred to as a psycho chemical society or chemocracy, and the science has advanced so much that cheap and readily available drugs can be used to bring about any desired mental state Specific dreams can be ordered and received in pill form, books are no longer read but consumed, and drugs can even be taken to make one moral, compassionate, or understanding A caveman would also resist a streetcar And that s all I want to say about the plot But what follows are some really cool twists and turns and some matrix style what is reality, where is technology taking us philosophy, as well as some psychology, sarcastic humor, dystopian conflict, and just a little bit of politics Averr
A frenetic, benzedrinical helter skelter masterwork of neological loopiness and warp nine schizomania, served in a tureen of insane, prophetic, and batshit prose that maintains a neck snapping pace of breathless imaginative dizziness across 129 faultless pages. Now to make it in the arts, publicize your private parts Critics say you can t offend emwith your phallus or pudendum That s the translation, the original version Tylko g upiec i kanalialekcewa y genitalia, bo najbardziej jest dzi modnereklamowa cz ci rodne Do you like it I find it hilarious, in both languages, and it s roughly the same WTF You ask Well, it s a slogan Lem made up for the use of this book, and I think it shows a little something about this guy But don t be mistaken, there isn t much about genitals in this book, Lem s rather prudish and he used this limerick quatrain to point out how obsessed the modern day pop culture is with sexuality What can be done, Mr.Lem Really As for the rest of the book, it s so whacked up and schizoid that I m starting to think Lem must have dropped some acid before he sat down to write Most of it requires higher brain function to process It s the damn made up terminology Shitloads of new vocab It s all clever and intuitive the way the road signs are intuitive , also amusing But there s so much of it, it can cause you a headache For once, I m glad I ve read it in Polish, let s face it, I m still way comfortable with that language To give you a taste, I ll share some of the headache Before you dig in, it helps to know that The Futurological Congress is a dystopian novel about so called cryptochemocracy 12 VIII 2039 I finally got up the courage to a
Brilliant Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Written in 1975, in Polish, The Futurological Congress is easily as relevant today as then The story consists of two parts One set in a near future and then one in a distant future, hypothetically 2039.Part one is the most absurd satire of academia, U.S third world relations, and those trend predictors of the future Part two imagines a future that is the xtreme sports version of Brave New World And told with the most experimental linguistic acrobatics.This book is an amazing feat, really Blending absurd comedy with tragedy Experimentalism with humanism It s disjointed yet perfectly who
Maybe the most mind bending, and pain inducing books I ve ever read Also the most eye openning and refreshing The book that both made me want to die and gave me reason to live. This outrageous and satisfying adventure of star voyager Ijon Tichy, Stanislaw Lem s galactic Gulliver, is not strictly part of The Star Diaries at all, for it shows us our hero Tichy in a terrestrial setting for a change in Nounas, Costa Rica, to be precise, where he is an attendee of the Eighth World Futurological Congress This annual academic convention which takes place in a hundred story luxury hotel, divorced from the teeming country below that boasts the highest rate of demographic growth in the world seeks solutions to the increasing problems of an overcrowded, overpopulated civilization Lem paints a satiric picture of the academics fecklessness, self absorbed men, with nothing but fantastical and improbable solution and revels in the chaotic diversity of the conventioneers futurologist of course, aging student protestors, matchbook collectors, and, most diverting of all, the professional pornographers It all seems like good harmless fun, until local terrorists put something in the water Soon Tichy and the reader embarks on a journey both inward and outward in which it is difficult to separate the hallucinatory from the sociological, the surrealist fantasy from the satirical insight It would be unfair to giv
A work of unique genius The Futurological Congress is a brilliant combination of sci fi, philosophy, and comedy The word play is amazing Lem writes like a dark Lewis Carroll. Stanislaw Lem den mizah dozu y ksek bir roman zg n bir dille kaleme al nan bu yap t felsefe ve psikolojiyi merkezine oturtuyor ve de i en d nya d zenini irdeleyerek n fus art n n do urdu u sonu lar kimyasal ara larla sorguluyor.Kitab n ad ndan da anla laca zere, gelece i tahmin etme zerine kurulu bir roman bu K sa ama dopdolu Karakteri Ijon Tichy i gelece e g nderen Stanislaw Lem, dehas n konu turuyor ve bizlere distopik bir gelecek portresi sunuyor lk bak ta topik sand m z bir d nyan n distopik kmas na zamanla al yoruz, lakin izilen o korkun portrenin gelecekte olabilitesini d nd m zde de bir hayli rperiyoruz.Ijon Tichy, Profes r Tarantago nun kendisini ikna etmesi sonucu Kosta Rika ya, Sekizinci D nya Gelecekbilim Kongresi ni izlemeye gider Kongrede konu an ki iler a k bir dil kullanmamakta ve her eyi numaralarla ifade etmektedirler Karakterimiz Ijon daha nce hakk nda herhangi bir bilgi sahibi olmad kongrede, bir k ede sessizce oturmak ve ya ananlar a k nl kla izlemek zorunda kalacakt r.Gelecekbilim Kongr