Companion to the Summa Theologica

Companion to the Summa TheologicaIt Is Not Hard To Admire St Thomas Aquinas Immovably Caught In The Splendor Of A Stained Glass Window It Is Easy To Pay Tribute To His Summa Theologica As Long As It Remains High On A Bookshelf Giving Character To A Library Under These Circumstances, We Of The Twenty First Century Can Read About Them Both, Talk About Them Enthusiastically, But Pretty Much Leave Them Both Alone To Have Thomas Walking Among Us, His Book Opened On Our Desks For Serious Study, Now That Is Altogether Something Else Aquinas Is One Who Regardless Of Your Placement On Your Spiritual Journey Aquinas Is The Basis For So Much Of What We Have Come To Regard As Dogma This Work Is Essential To Not Only Understanding Aquinas S Other Works, But Also Our Own Journey These Issues, Which He Presents Are Not Only Fundamental, For Many They Are Stumbling Blocks, For Others, They Tend To Be Work Around Issues These Writings Are The Basics And Yet Essential Works Out Of The Plethora Of Works Aquinas Has Written These Are By No Means The End All Of Him They Are Merely The Tip Of A Large Glacier, Which Seems To Forever Be Moving Us Forward A Locksmith In Time, Much Of This Topic, Enquiry And Understanding Will Be Relegated To The Immortals As We Plunged Into The Dark Ages It Will Not Reemerge Into The Fore Front Until The Likes Of An Equal Intellectual Titan Begins To Bellow This Is None Other Than Thomas Aquinas, A Prodigy, Under The Tutelage Of Albert Magnus, A.k.a Albert The Great, Of The Cologne University Aquinas Is One Of The Few, Who Not Only Undertake This Extraordinary Issue To Task, But Will Also Bear Fruit In This Endeavor Walter Farrell In The Early 1900 S Attempts To Reignite And Reintroduce This Leviathan Into Modern Day Verbiage And Into Their Hands Opening Their Minds With A Cool Calculated Formulary, Which Remains Unrivaled. This is an excellent choice to bring back to the reading community

➲ Companion to the Summa Theologica Read ➺ Author Walter Farrell –
  • Hardcover
  • Companion to the Summa Theologica
  • Walter Farrell
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9780982330166