CassaDawn The Prequel To The Best Selling Cassa Series A Pilot In TrainingFighting The Odds, Byron Is Determined To Complete Cosbolt Training Poised At The Top Of His Class, Only One Situation Holds Him Back His Inability To Work With Anyone In The Cockpit Byron S Excellent Piloting Skills Won T Be Enough Without A Good Navigator A great short prequel for fans of Cavanaugh s Cassa series Full of action, this story introduces the characters of Byron and Trindle and explains how their relationship began.While it can be read as a stand alone, it s best enjoyed after reading the rest of the series St
Yes, it s science fiction and involves the excitement of space travel, but I found this to be a wonderful character driven piece about personalities, partnerships, and teamwork I enjoyed being in the Cassa world again. A quick read where stumbling blocks lead to unexpected, positive results.Byron has to pass Cosbolt training, which shouldn t be hard considering how talented he is But when none of the navigators click with his style, the chances of success start to dim.This was a great read to just pick up and fly through one evening It hangs onto the rest of the series, giving a glance into Byron s past and adding a bit to his character But this works as a stand alone too, and is sure to hook in for the rest of the series It moves along at a fast pace, and even though short, brings Byron s character to life.but then, he s an easy to like pilot The dialogue comes across very natural and it s a delight to simply dive into the scene.Summed up it s a great sprint into this world and is su
I don t know how often I praised the excellent Cassa trilogy Kindle ASIN B00ZAP5PV4.I have had the pleasure to read and enjoy CassaDawN a while ago and today I finally can share my thoughts about it with you in form of following reading impression.For me it is a challenge to talk about a short story without giving away too much.The missing piece in the Cassa series I read CassaStaR, CassaFirE, CassaStorM and liked them a lot like many other people.I was not aware of the fact that there was a missing piece.It rested in my subconsciousness until the copy of CassaDawN arrived.This prequel is the perfect gift for all fans of the Cassa seriesANDit is the perfect appetizer for potential Cassa series readers.I started to read CassaDawN and thought I know what will happen because I read the series.But I did not know how it happened and that is what CassaDawN delivers in an excellent and matchless way Far too fast I reached the end despite I slowed down myself and consumed it word by word.The atmosphere of the Cassa series is breathing through the whole story.It just sucked me in and I wanted to get and of it Fortunately the Cassa series is out there.Enter the world of Cosbolt pilots and navigators.Get fascinated by breathtaking sp
Byron s dreams to be a Cosbolt pilot might be dashed if he can t find the right navigator in time in Alex J Cavanaugh s CassaDawn This short story is a fun read Byron is a bit arrogant, but he s that way because he is one of, if not, the best pilot in his Cosbolt train
Since others have left a summary I won t include one However, whether you are already a fan of Cavanaugh s work, or you just want to get acquainted with this author, this is an excellent short which sets up the Cassa series wonderfully I highly recommend this enjoyable read to any scifi fan This short story is a great introduction to the Cassa series I enjoyed meeting Byron as he struggles to find himself and a navigator A great read Have you ever dreamed of being a pilot and flying through the skies Did you follow your dreams If so, great If not, maybe you enjoy reading stories where you can experience the excitement of flying through the eyes of the characters Even if you have no desire to pilot a plane, I think you ll enjoy reading Author Alex J Cavanaugh s CASSADAWN, the Prequel to the Cassa series I did.Byron is almost halfway through training and is looking forward to piloting a real Cosbolt fighter He s doing great, but there is a problem His partner and navigator, Arenth, and he don t care for each other so much And trouble with Arenth could keep Byron from completing his trainin
I wanna be starship pilot Love this for same reason I love x wing SW seriesWonderful character development for a short story The world building is strong You feel like you are there The author really allo
In the beginningA great way to meet Byron, a troubled space pilot Byron has as much talent in the cock pit as he has attitude in life, but to succeed in the air, he has to learn to trust a navigator Can he find a match before space loses its best pilot