Cabins of Minnesota (Minnesota Byways)

Cabins of Minnesota (Minnesota Byways)The Lake Cabin Early Mornings On The Sleeping Porch, Lunches On The Dock, Late Night Cleanings In The Fish House But Minnesota S Seasonal Getaways Aren T Limited To Its Bountiful Lakes Vacationers Trek To Hideaways In The Woods, To Ice Shacks Along The Mississippi River Even Out To Cottages Beside The Highways, Relics From The Days When Farmers Rented Vacation Places Along Cornfields And Cow Pastures Popular Photographer Doug Ohman And Renowned Writer And Poet Bill Holm Highlight The State S Unique And Treasured Cabins A Vintage Fredenberg Lake Compound Near Duluth The Celebrated Mom And Pop Fairyland Cabins Of Detroit Lakes A Cabin Situated On Top Of A Pontoon In Rose Lake Holm S Eclectic Prose Combines Stories Of The Ancient And New And Illuminates The Rewards Of The Cabin Life The Pleasures Of Fishing, Daydreaming, Sunset Watching And Star Counting, The Leisure To Take Stock Of One S Life Without The Surround Sound Noise Of The New Wired Century In A Cabin Retreat, He Writes, Pleasure Overcomes Duty For A Little While Doug Ohman Is A Photographer And Acclaimed Public Speaker His Photographs Are Featured In The Minnesota Byways Series, Which Includes Barns Of Minnesota, Churches Of Minnesota, Courthouses Of Minnesota, And Schoolhouses Of Minnesota All MHS Press Bill Holm Is The Author Of Several Books Of Essays And Poetry And Teaches At Southwest State University In Marshall, Minnesota. A summer goalto read 4 books on Minnesota Here s the first This book wasn t quite what I expected and I still can t figure out if I really liked it There were chapters on the author his teaching, his cabin in Iceland , other authors specifically Thoreau s perspective on cabin life , Ernest Oberholtzer s 1200 ft long island with 9 cabins pretty interesting and hospitality An eclectic and unpredictable collection of writing to be sure Overall, I didn t feel that the book s approach worked for me The narrative kept leaping all over time and the world, yet the book was supposedly about Minnesota Cabins I wanted to be steeped in Minnesota and what Minnesotan s think and feel about these commitments they make to cabin lifeabout these centerpieces that are often deeply linked to family and heritage Instead, I felt like I got some strange literary poetic picture of cabins through a few esoteric perspectives.However, there were some beautiful pictures I ve decided I need a slightly modernized log cabin on a lakefront or river A combination of several striking pictures contained in this volume So, the book was helpful in articulating my dream, in my mind s eye.I also enjoyed several phrases from the book that gave me pause My favorite quotes tended to appear in the chapter introductions In a cabin retreat, pleasure overcomes duty for a little while Ah, t
I just picked this up to lust over the tiny homes This is a fantastically indulgent gallery of little houses in the woods and their attendant lavish landscapes Maybe I won t go build a hunting shack or sell all my property to go off the grid, but I dunno, some of these houses would be fun to recreate in Minecraft Others give me ideas and dreams It
I saw this on a table at the library and grabbed it on a whim Bill Holm contributed words and explanation to the desire of wanting a cabin and Doug Ohman contributed photos of cabins around Minnesota It was a great read with beautiful photography and made me want a lake cabin, something I haven t really desired greatly before My favorite quote was from a Chinese poet of the T ang Dynasty, Po Chu i He said this about his own grass thatched hall One night here and my body is at rest, two n
The fifth in photographer Doug Ohman s Minnesota Byways series capturing historic buildings of Minnesota is a collection of photos of cabins in Minnesota accompanied by prose by Minnesota writer Bill Holm.This is a nice collection of photos that capture Minnesota There is a good mix of big and small and old and new from counties all over the state The accompanying prose by Bill Holm is nice, but doesn t seem to have much to do with cabins in Minnesota It lacks focus He discusses his work and teaching freshman English, the works of W.B Yeats, Thoreau and the poet Po Ch i, and his cabin in Iceland This is all interesting, but, again, not really anything to do with Minnesota cabins The one part that really seemed to be about Minnesota cabins was a chapter on Ernest Oberholtzer, an environmentalist who had nine cabins full of books in the Boundary Waters I found that most interesting I guess I was hoping the book would feature the history of
A lovely Father s day gift from the kids I appreciated Bill Holm s skilled wordcrafting, pondering what makes a cabin, and what makes us want to send time in them it s our Scandanavian roots But this is mostly about the author and his own perspectives on cabins Don t get me wrong, Bill Holm was certainly a fascinating guy and a great writer But I wanted a book about cabins, n
Though not quite what I expected, Bill Holm is a delight to read Fascinating to read about Ernest Carl Oberholtzer s nine count em nine cabins stuffed with books I m filled with cabin lust.Holm ends by describing his Iclandic cabin, Brimnes The Window of Brimnes i
I adore Bill Holm. I like cabins. There is nothing I love than a cabin in the woods Lots of great photos, wish there were An interesting read.

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