So Bright and Delicate: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne

So Bright and Delicate: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny BrawneThe Epic Romance Of One Of The Most Celebrated Poets In The English Language Coming To Theatres In September 2009 Is The Tragic Love Story Of Nineteenth Century Poet John Keats And The Love Of His Life, Fanny Brawne Keats Died At The Young Age Of Twenty Five, Leaving Behind Some Of The Most Exquisite And Moving Verse And Letters Ever Written, Inspired By His Deep Love For Fanny Bright Star Is A Collection Of Keat S Romantic Poems And Correspondence In The Heat Of His Passion, And Is A Dazzling Display Of A Talent Cut Cruelly Short. Let me have another opportunity of years before me and I will not die without being remember d pleads John Keats in one of the thirty seven surviving love letters he sent to his angel , Fanny Brawne It was some months before his partying to Italy, where he was sent following his doctor s advice as the last chance to survive a long, strenuous illness He was supposed to benefit from the milder winter there He would never return to England, dying in Rome at the premature age of twenty five and without having ever replied to a single letter from Fanny He wrote to his friend Mr.Brown instead explaining he could not bear to write to her knowing that he would never see her again in this life Fanny s unopened letters were buried with him in Rome, where a simple stone pays homage to him, with no name engraved, only the words Here lies one whose name was writ in water , as he requested.Keats s spell has gone very deep for me This short collection of letters and poems has left me emotionally drained, they bear compelling witness to Keats s tenderness, passion, genius and vulnerability It was sometime during the spring of 1819, the one he spent next to Fanny, that Keats experienced the great outpouring of his poetic life, managing to write about love with the only authority he ever accepted, that of experience itself It was also the year he fell mortally sick You are to me an object intensely desirable the air I breathe in a ro
February 1820My dearest Girl If illness makes such an agreeable variety in the manner of your eyes I should wish you sometimes to be ill I wish I had read your note before you went last night that I might have assured you how far I was from suspecting any coldness You had a just right to be a little silent to one who speaks so plainly to you You must believe you shall, you will that I can do nothing say nothing think nothing of you but what has its spring in the Love which has so long been my pleasure and torment On the night I was taken ill when so violent a rush of blood came to my Lungs that I felt nearly suffocated I assure you I felt it possible I might not survive and at that moment though t of nothing but you When I said to Brown this is unfortunate I thought of you T is true that since the first two or three days ot
L a giovaneC una specie di emotivit adolescenziale nelle parole di Keats, e c anche l egoismo oh, quanto umano del desiderio di possesso.Lettere d a lontane da ogni clich Parole di fuoco che gridano o sussurrano un sentimento vero, forte, sincero, totalizzante. The movie is better than the book Much better.Normally, it is the book is better than the movie and a friend commented during our book club s Christmas party last month that this line should not be uttered any It is always the case especially for us readers However, in my mind, there are exceptions like Tolkien s LOTR and Mario Puzo s The Godfather. And this book joins the two.Well, in fairness, the book is not a novel but just a compilation of letters that English romantic poet John Keats wrote to her girlfriend Fanny Brawne during the last four years of his life It also has the poems that he composed during their relationship including the one the last one he wrote entitled To Fanny that was so sad and poignant as if John Keats was saying his final goodbye to Fanny Brawne You see, when John Keats died, he was in Italy while Fanny Brawne remained in London so they corresponded via letters and John Keats wrote her poems That last poem was used in the closing scene in the movie directed by Jane
While I own the Penguin Classics edition of The Complete Poems of John Keats, this is a marvelous compilation of the beautiful letters that John Keats wrote to Fanny Brawne, the young woman that he fell head over heels in love with in the last years of his short life These letters provide such a beautiful window into the heart and soul of one of mankind s greatest poets Ms Jane Campion, the director of the recently released film about Keats s love affair with Fanny Brawne, has collected Keats s letters and poetry he wrote inspired by his relationship with Fanny into a wonderful little volume The letters are presented first, in chronological order followed by Keats s poetry It is an incredibly moving and emotional presentation, and made me realize just how intensely heartfelt Keats s feelings for Fanny were.The next time you take a road trip or vacation wi
My full review can be found on my blog I almost wish we were butterflies and liv d but three summer days three such days with you I could fill with delight than fifty common years could ever contain. I have to start saying that this book is not a novel but a compilation of letters that John Keats, the English romantic poet, wrote to her girlfriend Fanny Brawne during the last four years of his life It also has the poems that he composed during their relationship including the last one he wrote.It s absolutely romantic It makes me wonder what we have lost due to modern times and long for men who could write beautifully like Keats did for Brawne It s both touching and beautiful.If you are like me, that cry over everything sad, get your tissue box ready because this is a reality of a love affair turned impossible, in its all true, harsh colors.I m even crying writing this review It is so beautiful and at the same time so sad and poignant that is impossible not to be moved John knows he can t love Fanny because he is poor and has nothing to offer her, but then they stand their grounds against prejudiced society and when they are set on having their love affair, he discovers he is going to die of tuberculosis He must go to Italy and she stays in England.On all his letters and we don t see hers, because they were buried with him he talks about his love, his undying hope to see her again, and his miserable life where even to breathe is painful In all his imperfections, Keats is perfect even when he is cruelly true and hurts Fanny by letting her know tha
Very romanticit s insane to think that there actually were men who wrote poetry like this to women at one time or another The first half of the book The letters to Fanny were both touching and beautiful The second half which were the best of his poems was wonderful as well, however I had to re read most of it and look up a lot of the w
Qu raro puntuar la correspondencia privada de un poeta, pero la transcendencia de cualquier cosa escrita por Keats se demuestra en estas cartas La fuerza de sus ideas combinada con la belleza, claridad e intensidad con las que se expresa Hay p rrafos inolvidables para cualquier lector.Eso s , esta edici n es muy muy introductoria El pr logo de Jane Campion ofrece una breve presentaci n del personaje y da un par de apuntes sobre algunos de los temas y motivos de su pel cula que no hace falta que os diga que me parece maravillosa, y aprecio a n m s tras leer el libro Le siguen casi 40 cartas a Fanny, pero nada m s de su correspondencia ni si quiera la que trataba indirectamente sobre ella, que en otras antolog as s aparece Y para acabar, viene alguno de sus poemas m s famosos Lamia, alguna de las Odas, Eve of St

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