Big Ideas for Little Kids

Big Ideas for Little Kids Big Ideas For Little Kids Includes Everything A Teacher, A Parent, Or A College Student Needs To Teach Philosophy To Elementary School Children From Picture Books Written In A Clear And Accessible Style, The Book Explains Why It Is Important To Allow Young Children Access To Philosophy During Primary School Education Wartenberg Also Gives Advice On How To Construct A Learner Centered Classroom, In Which Children Discuss Philosophical Issues With One Another As They Respond To Open Ended Questions By Saying Whether They Agree Or Disagree With What Others Have Said. . . . This would make a great article, but stretching it into book length was a bit much It is written for elementary school teachers complete with lesson plans , but applicable to anyone who works with kids Two things bugged me, though 1 He spends 1 2 the book trying to convince readers that young children are capable of having philosophical discussions, but if you didn t already believe that, you probably wouldn t have picked up the book 2 He constantly reassures teachers that they are capable of teaching philosophy, as if he assumes they will all be horribly intimidated by the prospect Mos
Really excited to find a new book on philosophy with children that is written by a philosopher Looking forward to getting a raft of new resources that I can use with particularly the younger children This book looks very much like it s going to do it The session I ve run using The Important Book chapter was excellent It s great that Tom recommends using flawed resources for philosophical ends rather than sentimentally loving the resource as if
LOVE THIS IDEA This is something I hope to implement with my children, and have recommended to elementary school teachers to look into The reason I only gave the book 3 stars was because of it s repetitiveness and at time felt like a sales call. Read out loud and thinkWe all own life s big questionsOr do they own us didn t read the whole book, as much of it consists of individual lesson plans book modules for classroom use however, there is an excellent discussion on how to facilitate student discussions around them, which i found reassuring. An excellent book with not too much theory and plenty of examples with guidelines etc I m going to have a great time reading the suggested books with the grandchildren and developing our philosophical discussions. Great for teachers and librarians Very interesting Read the most interesting article about this book and it s author in the New York Times this week Have it on hold at the libraby and can t wait to read it

Reading ➸ Big Ideas for Little Kids  Author Thomas E. Wartenberg –
  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • Big Ideas for Little Kids
  • Thomas E. Wartenberg
  • English
  • 02 May 2019
  • 9781607093350