Beignets and Fangs

Beignets and Fangs Popular E Book, Beignets And Fangs By Gisele Walko This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Beignets And Fangs , Essay By Gisele Walko Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You 2 Stars Is murder monstrous I ve been seeing a troubling trend lately in vampire novels, not an entirely new one but common now than I remember it being when I was younger And that trend is if the person the vampire is killing is a shitty person, the vampire is not evil That troubles me on several levels but the biggest is the god complex for lack of a better term There is an inherent issue with anyone thinking they have a right, and often even a duty , to commit a heinous crime because the person isn t a good person To say this trend makes me uncomfortable is a supreme understatement As a survivor of two decidedly unpleasant crimes against my person, this trend hits me hard in my lizard brain It would be easy, for me, to say things like these people don t matter but I feel like it would take my power away from me It makes me not a survivor but product of these crimes, and I don t like that at all I won t get into it too much , I promise And maybe this is just a me thing, it probably is Beignets and Fangs is the story of Kei and Shauna, and while the above needs to be noted, I thought this story had a lot of potential but the execution was a bit forced feeling, for me I also had a very difficult time distinguishing between their voices, they sounded way too similar, especially considering their backgrounds Kei is a half Japanese vampire, which I freaking LOVED I don t think Asian cultures get enough page time in vampire stories,
Disclaimer Gisele is my friend but this has no bearing on my rating.I really like the fangs image on the cover This is a novella about two people who meet an fall in love One of them happens to be a vampire, which happens to be my favorite Shauna is a human woman with feminist tendencies who goes to school and plans to take over the family business.Kei is a 200 year old vampire who really likes her He also happens to indulge his murderous tendencies by killing pedophiles.Being a vampire and all, he stalks Shauna, coming to eat at the restaurant where she works once a week Once he s a regular, Shauna decides he s not an assassin and that it s maybe okay to go on a date with him.By the way, the restaurant reminded me of Caf du Monde in New Orleans I d totally eat here Although the romance was a bit on the instalove side, I thought it was well done sometimes this can be pulled off as long as the romance is based on something other than looks Kei got a little out of line at times and really needed to be smacked in the head, but I thought Shauna s reactions to him, both wanting and fearing him, were appropriate And, well, she was just a little crazy herself which maybe you have to be to want to date a vampire But I wouldn t know anything about that Ha Hahaha clears throat There was a bit drama than I would have cared for, but exes always tend to pop up when you le
RIP Gisele WalkoLoved possessive Kei and Shauna who could at times be as dark as the vampire in Beignets and Fangs. I wasn t going to rate this,but then I accidentally gave it a 1, and everybody knows I m biased anyway. First off, I should state that I received a copy of this book for an honest review Beignets and Fangs was well written, and if there were any writing issues, I didn t detect any I loved the author s writing style, particularly with the two way first person narrative I was really into the book.I don t want to spoil it, so I won t comment on what s going on in the story I think that others should check out the synopsis, then read the book for themselves to appreciate the great writing and the dark humor With that being saidI laughed my ass off throughout the reading of this Sure, it had dark twisted momentsthat had me howling There is definitely something a bit twisted in my psyche to make me enjoy the antics of the charactersespecially the charming serial killer ones Kei and Shauna are a great couple, and being inside of their
4.5 stars A somewhat dark, but charming romance.We meet Kai a two hundred year old vampire, who pass time going after pedophiles.One day following his prey in a cafe he meets Shauna, a waitress Totally smitten with her and her family beignets Kai starts visiting once a week slowly convincing Shauna to give him a chance What I like Loved how Kai and Shauna were described Man bun and tattoos YASSSSS Curvy and dark skin beauty Hell yasss To be honest, there really haven t been that many books with dark skinned beauties lately I m starting to miss that Good flow What I didn t like Kai got a tiny bit intense with his possessive nature It was a novella.Not gonna lie, I want I have some questions That I hope the au
As with all really good novellas I read, I always want This is the case with Walko s new release, Beignets and Fangs There is a level of creepiness in this book not present in her other books Scenes of intimacy are also intense in this book Put together, it made reading about Kei and Shauna all the enjoyable Kei is so much than he appears And, at times, I really felt for Shauna being in a relationship with him On a power level, she simply can t compete, which made their relationship somewhat imbalanced This book could ve easily been much longer, and would have benefited from a deeper exploration into some of the emotional, psychological,
Folklore tells us that every vampire needs its prey Kei hunts and kills those who walk among us who are most deserving and the least missed of a slow and excruciating death Kei meets Shauna quite accidentally in the covert mission of stalking his next on the list prey who enters her family owned Bellerose restaurant Though his prey is soon dealt with, he finds that he quite enjoys beignets and coffee and the sightings of his very attractive waitress Shauna He s not alone, as Shauna and Kei soon discover that they are on the same page in all things that matter Can Kei help Shauna overcome the pain of her past Will his dark secret drive her away or bring her closer This book is dark and humo
An interesting readSo I was super excited when I stumbled upon Beignets and Fangs I m a huge fan of Vampire lore, and vampire romance is one of my favorite genres I was also stoked when I found out that this book not only included a dark skin plus size heroinebut also a Japanese hero Its somewhat rare to come across AA vampire romanceand even rarer to have an east Asian hero in th
Lovingly detailed and filled with sensual romance, Beignet and Fangs was a real treat to read The descriptions made me hungry as I read them and I thoroughly enjoyed the heroine,Shauna She was easy to relate to and tried her very best to remain sane in an insane situation w