Archeology of Madness: Komitas, Portrait of an Armenian Icon

Archeology of Madness: Komitas, Portrait of an Armenian IconA Psychiatrist Looks Into The Tortured Psyche Of Komitas, The Great Compiler And Arranger Of Armenian Folk Music After Surviving A Death Camp, Komitas Developed A Severe Form Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, And Spent Twenty Years In Virtual Silence In Mental Asylums. Sometimes there are books you start reading and you just can t put down I finished it and held it in my hands for a long time thinking about all the details, trying to take it all in This is a treasure A look at the realities our Komitas had to endure and a truth that most of us don t know Thank you dr Rita Finally, a medical expert who looks into Father Komitas medical files and comes up with a credible diagnosis There is a wealth of detail in this book describing the life of the great musician and that would be extremely hard to find elsewhere. This is the most illuminating biography of Komitas Soghomon Soghomonian I have come across, and it is told in an engaging manner that will captivate readers who always wanted to know the roots of what happened to the brilliant mind of Komitas during and after the Armenian Genocide The author, Rita Soulahian Kuyumjian, is a prominent psychiatrist who has taken care to frame the story of Komitas from a psychological perspective but has done so in such a way that even a layperson will be able to understand and won t need to have a degree in psychology to know what s going on.I always had a vague, general idea of what happened to Komitas and this biography illuminated for me a complete sketch of all aspects of this man s life, and helped me to understand what he went through Although his story is so tragic and fraught with pain on so many levels, this book is an absorbing account of one of the national treasures of Armenians everywhere.

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  • Hardcover
  • 250 pages
  • Archeology of Madness: Komitas, Portrait of an Armenian Icon
  • Rita Soulahian Kuyumjian
  • 21 January 2017
  • 9781903656105