Amber Frost (The Lost Magic, #1)

Amber Frost (The Lost Magic, #1) Grace Lynn Stevenson Is An Eighteen Year Old Girl Who Recently Moved With Her Wealthy, But Busy Parents To A New City She S Popular, Pretty And Rich What Could A Girl Want But Deep Down, She S Sad, Lonely And Plagued By Nightmares.When She Meets Sebastian Caldwood At Her New Private School, She S Inexplicably Drawn To Him And His Strange Tattoos Sebastian Always Gets What He Wants He Simply Has To Wish It But He S Fighting His Own Inner Demons, And Struggling To Remember A Past That Eludes Him When He Remembers That He Is Much Older Than He Looks, He Realizes That He S Seen Many People Live And Die, Including Grace.Once Sebastian Realizes His True Nature And Finds What He Has Been Searching For The Past Hundreds Of Years, He Also Realizes That It Is Now Up To Him To Protect Grace From The Dangers That Have Plagued Them Throughout Eternity. 4 4.5 stars Upon starting Amber Frost, I was thinking that it was beginning to be a little predictable Wrong The storyline is fresh and new to me and It was refreshing to read a book with a different sense of paranormal if you will Grace Lynn Stevenson has recently moved with her wealthy and busy parents to Victoria Her father has been promoted to a partner at a law firm and with that status comes money and greed She was enrolled into the prestigious Craigflower Academy Grace is a standout She is beautiful, rich, smart and is dating the most popular guy in school But she isn t satisfied with her life She is feeling empty inside She knows she has the picture perfect life, but it wasn t making her really happy She basically is a little show doll on the arm of her boyfriend and her parents especially her mom who basically rules her life She even has her meals altered by her mother so she doesn t gain weight The perfect manicured girlso we think All of the sudden she really starts to notice Sebastian Mattias Caldwood Known as a freak, geek and shadow boy She is drawn to him and his tattoos but she doesn
I am able to connect with main character before I even know her name I can sympathize with the whirling thoughts and feeling like something is missing As well as trying to live up to parent s expectations, which I am sure is a pretty universal thing And then I start to hate her a bit The awesome looks, seemingly perfect boyfriend, artistic, family has money But then I am snapped back to the fact that she feels empty, hollow I have felt that before and no matter who you are or what you have, that is a horrible sensation The intrigue starts right away when her thoughts and drawing is interrupted by a mysterious guy she has never noticed before but is supposedly in her class He has an accent and he is beautiful so I am sold pretty much right away and want to find out Compared to him, when seemingly perfect boyfriend enters the picture I want to smack him J Him and the other people of the popular crowd are stereotypical, but well written jocks, superficial at least at surface girls The way they are in the
Thank goodness a YA paranormal set in the charismatic Pacific Northwest that DOESN T have vampires or werewolves in it I was drawn right into this book, and especially had an iron grip on my e reader during the last few chapters you know, the part where you re going, No You have to get back together Come on At the start, okay, sure, I had a glimmer of skepticism about how Grace, our main character, could be so down on her life when by her own description she s beautiful, smart, rich, and popular But a quick visit to the lunch table of her so called friends verified that, yep, those people are vapid and depressing and her home life is no better perhaps worse So enter hot, philosophical Sebastian with his tattoos and earrings along with the private school uniform , and I got right on board with that attraction Suzi Davis created a very cool paranormal idea in this one It s nothing as obvious and overdone as the aforementioned vampires In fact, we re not sure what the magical element is all about, or where it comes from, until nearly the end but we re given clues and tidbits as the characters themselves remember them Not remembering their pasts is part of the mystery And, most delightful and romantic of all, we get to see the almost random magic take place from time to time, in the form of leaves swirling around in a contained tornado while our main couple walks through the park, or an important amber
Wow It is not often that a book causes me to laugh out loud and later weep until I can t see the words OMG Where is book two It is set in Vancouver, BC That is part of its charm But it begins with a young lady that you probably won t like A richy B You ll wonder why you keep reading What slowly dawns on you is that girl is only responding as she was taught, as had been impressed on her since birth Be a good girl, do as you re told, stay a quiet mute Hmmm, where have we females heard that before.Just as you give her the grace to be herself, Grace begins to see the magic leading her to be herself Okay, this doesn t sound as exciting as the book is, but I don t want to give anything away I refer you back to my first paragraph I couldn t stop reading, especially after the magic begins to turn her world right side up.If any of my friends would like they can download the book on the author s GoodReads page Suzi Davis is her name If you don t get to and are
Thank you, Ms Davis, for a story that kept me guessing and wanting My suppositions about Sebastian were so off the mark thank you for not making it predictable I enjoyed Gracelynn s transformation and can t wait to see what happens to her charming mother I immediately thought of my favorite Disney villianess, Maleficent, when she appeared The characters were developed and well thought, though I had to laugh at Clarke I knew so many of those in high school nothing changes, does it The prose was real and engaging, I was seeing everything in my mind s eye as vividly as if I was in Gracelynn s mansion bedroom o
Amber Frost Suzi Davis Ebook Dec 2010 Book DivasYoung Adult Paranormal5 What a great tale Amber Frost by Suzi Davis, published in Dec, 2010, is a young reader novel, though I as a rather mature adult quite enjoyed this novel.Very well written, Amber Frost is a tale of a complicated young love with a fabulous paranormal twist The
Love love LOVE this book I was not a fan of paranormal books until reading Amber Frost and now I think I might be hooked Everyone needs to read this one, whether you like the genre or not It is rated as young adult but I believe it will appeal to many age groups.I didn t want Amber Frost to endthankfully it is part of a series so th
Awes mazing This kind of mystical magic with an ethereal and esoteric atmosphere is exactly my kind of book I admit that I just can t help myself It s just such great fun to lose yourself in the pages of a good book Cute mysterious guy, check Cool MC, check Magic, check Intensity heightened by the agony of being a teenager, check Danger, check I m sold This book was so t
I picked this book for the obvious reason, it had my name in the title But seriously, this book was engrossing and I could barely put it down for a second I stayed up much too late last night finishing it, even
OutstandingA book you won t want to put down I found myself enthralled in this novel the author captures every detail and made me feel as if I were experiencing everything.