Acelia (History of the Acelian Empire) (History of the Acelian Empire) (Volume 1)

Acelia (History of the Acelian Empire) (History of the Acelian Empire) (Volume 1) While Endless Wars Ravage The Empire S Borders, Deep In The Remote Mountains, All Of Old Widow Lantal S Divinations Turn Dark And The Omens Sinister She Knows The World Will Soon Change She Can Feel The Portents In Her Bones She Knows She Is Too Age Worn And Weakened To Manage The Impending Crisis Alone, And Calls On The Gods This Time, The Gods Answer To Her Horror, They Send The Widow Help A Vicious Bird Of Nightmares And Urban Legends, And A Broken Young Girl Old Widow Lantal Is Not Pleased When The Widow Seeks Reinforcements On Her Own, She Sets Into Motion A Dark, Complex And Winding Journey Of Discovery Across The Acelian Empire In Their Desperation, The Gods Gather Up The Lives Of Mages And Thugs, Lords, Ladies, Princes And Soldiers, Artists, Lovers, And Children Their Hands Tug On The Fates Of Both People And Nations, And Their Schemes Will Either Save The World, Or End It. In the world of epic fantasy, women are often reduced to one of two roles Sword swinging sex toy or the damsel in distress Or, they go too far in the other direction and you have a character who is essentially a man in women s skin like Ripley from Aliens Acelia avoids both of those pitfalls, and does so admirably The Widow Lantal fills Gandalf s shoes nicely in the hedge wizard who knows what s what, and does so without being a nymphomaniac in a skimpy outfit Far from a perfect person, the Widow is driven by her doubts as much as her will to do the right thing.She has to find a way to overcome past betrayal, because she has been entrusted with the welfare and training of a young ten year old girl who has magical power The narrative unflinchingly looks at what it means to be a flowering young girl in a society where women are sold off into marriage.The Widow and Theis are joined by other characters, like a man at arms and a dashing prince Ther
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Well the story seems to follow a ten year old girl who is evidently a powerful mage but doesnt know it yet But the book also follows a Lord and Lady on campaign, an old mage lady called a widow who seems to forsee all these bad things coming that ar alluded to but never really talked about, and another mage who is on his way to see said widow Oh and a goodhearted tough guy soldier who i guarding the mage A lot of different threads going on here and the confusing part is that when two or of these characters are in the same dialogue viewpoints will change without warning So one sentence will be from this persons viewpoint then a couple sentences later a different persons Story was excruciatingly slow to get going to a pace where you have some sort of normal story telling flow Even then there didnt seem to be a point to the story over halfway in Is the world in trouble Is there a bad guy Nope Comes across as a very

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  • Acelia (History of the Acelian Empire) (History of the Acelian Empire) (Volume 1)
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