A Matter of Perception

A Matter of Perception Take A Journey Into A World Where The Hidden Becomes Manifest And The Lines Between Fantasy And Reality Blur This Collection Of Imaginative And Entertaining Stories About Ghosts, Sirens, Light Spectrum Mages, Realm Hopping Gods, Alien Monsters And Ordinary People Will Warm Your Heart And Make You Smile, Shiver, And Maybe Even Wonder About The Nature Of Reality Itself The Theme Of Individual Perception As A Result Of Our Assumptions, Beliefs And Emotional Experience Bind These Otherwise Diverse Stories Into A Unified WholeA Matter Of Perception Has Been Awarded A Place On The Awesome Indies List Of Quality Independent Fiction This Second Edition Does Not Contain The Paranormal Romance That Some Reviewers Mentioned. I began reading this collection as I sat in my eye doctor s waiting room By the time the tech came for me, she had to call me twice to drag me back into my present reality The first story, The Drorgon Slayer s Choice, had carried me away with well crafted storytelling and first rate characterization My general complaint about short stories that they end too soon, giving readers no chance to get to know the characters does not apply to this engaging collection of six fully developed tales Each story made me feel as though I were reading a novel Personalities here are three dimensional The settings, too, are richly drawn Each story builds to a wholly satisfying conclusion Which is not to say that all the endings are happy There s nothing saccharin about this collection The stories form a well balanced whole Some are feel good, some are a bit mel
A Matter of Perception was six for six keeping me engaged I read the entire anthology in one sitting What makes it an interesting collection is that it provides such a variety in tone and supernatural elements, yet it s held together, yes, by that common supernatural denominator, but also some thought provoking philosophies on life.If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be Not Me, it Can t Be I found that such a lovely and surprising tale juxtaposing seemingly different life experiences, only to find a poignant commonality between them Newland s structuring of the story is very effective and the wording throughout so graceful All the other stories are such pleasurable reads as well I ve always been a fan of ghost stories and mythology, so the haunting atmosphere Newland creates in The Bone Yard was obviously appealing to me and I so did not see that ending coming This story is a nice one to follow my previously reviewed The Drorgon Slayer s Choice as love stories, they both also dapple in philosophy as their human protagonists face choices in a supernatural world new to them Newland s vibrant descriptions of magical combat in Mistril s Magic are engaging t
Tahlia delivers another solid book, this time by way of a mix of short stories I loved the little intro, A drop from the well of creativity I loved the way the stories where characterised like children, it made me smile, especially this line Inspiration falls like a drop of mercurial silver into the vast depths of my open mind It hovers in space, then collects and merges with a gaggle of ideas and images until it hangs pregnant and heavy with a pressing need to deliver.I just adore that imagery What a welcome intro Now, the content While some of the short stories weren t really my favourite, I can t fault Tahlia for producing a flawlessly written book, it was The subject matter was uplifting and inspirational in each piece, dealing with self exploration of your mind and understanding perception, dealing with death and even the dangers of making assumptions.By f
Bouncing through the perceptions of different characters in diverse situations is certainly a way to break free of the usual monotony of story telling Such holds truth in Tahlia Newland s anthology, entitled A Matter of Perception It is through several short stories that Ms Newland introduces us to characters
This book is a collection of short stories with a variety of themes and settings I ll give each one a little attention so none of them feel left out If you want to know the author s intentions in writing which I always do , be sure not to skip her thoughtful explanation of the themes at the end.The Drorgon Slayer s ChoiceThe first story was a fantastic encounter between an unnamed photographer s assistant and The Gods This fast paced, thrilling glimpse into a bigger tale begins with a blow to the head, awakening new and fascinating senses and perceptions in the young woman, who then proceeds to get snarled up in a battle fought by James, a Drorgon Slayer and a god An unexplainable attraction forms between the two and James seems determined to see where it will go But can a regular girl and a god really find something that lasts This incredible tale has a fascinating take on gods and human mythology that I d like to read about I enjoyed how the main character s disability, epilepsy, became an advantage, allowing her to see what regular humans couldn t, which was intriguing The myriad of questions left unanswered led me to believe this was very much a preview for another book, The Drorgon Slayer s Choice This short story made me curious about hearing in the following book, but unsure just how many of my question
This collection of six short stories by Tahlia Newland explores the nebulous distinction between truth and perception though the stories vary in setting and theme I think the first three stories have the potential to be developed into longer works while the last three are complete in themselves.The first, The Drorgon Slayer s Choice, is billed as a romantic urban fantasy though I think it fits the paranormal romance genre better A blow to the head results in a young woman able to see a deadly otherworldly battle raging on Earth to which humans are oblivious When her ability to perceive the Gods and their enemies is discovered she is offered an extraordinary choice Newland does a credible job of creating a unique mythology, and I like the idea of modern day Gods whose role have changed over the millenniums However I don t think the story particularly needed the romantic element, I think its hard to sell a romance in such a compressed format, even one that relies on instant attraction The Bone Yard was enjoyable with a creepy atmosphere and u
When Tahlia Newland, an on and off blog buddy of mine, asked me to read and review her collection of magical realism urban fantasy short stories, there was no way I could refuse, but the truth is I d have read this collection of six tales no matter who the author was.Taken together, these stories are a collection of different ways to perceive fantasy, and to use fantasy to perceive reality The collection feels like a complete suite all moods and tastes are well represented Taken separately, well, let s do that, shall we The Drorgon Slayer s ChoiceAn unnamed photographer s assistant sees an interdimensional monster, and is rescued by a god, though she does some rescuing of her own It s a great blend of action, romance, and philosophy This was my favorite of the collection, and not just because it s the longest or most developed I really wanted to know what happens nextThe Bone YardThis one is the darkest in the series, in terms of mood It involves a woman in a desperate situation being helped by supernatural beings, though the twist at the end is rather grisly A balance of classic horror and modern terror.Mistril s MistakeWith great power comes great responsibility, even when you re a wizard The colored light battle had me imagining light sabers but only a little , but the story about taking ownership of your actions is actually very good More, please A Ho
To read this review and like it check out my site at www.ufreviews.com This is a collection of short stories, which I have to admit isn t always my cup of tea, but this was actually a collection I enjoyed Normally the short stories I do read have the same characters from series I like or involve the same group of people this collection of short stories was a really interesting concept in that they all have to do with all the different ways to perceive the fantasy genre One of the biggest problems I have with collections of short stories is that they are not always cohesive, but this collection does not suffer from that problem at all I think I should start with the story I liked the least, which would have to be The Bone Yard, and that largely because I am on of those people who don t like stories that freak me out or scare me But if you are one of those people who love the kind of horror fantasy with a twist genre, then this story is so for you Now there was a huge range of stories in this collection, and I think my favorite was the story Not Me, it can t be which was really sad but also a really touching tale The characters were really vivid and it was so easy to identify with and really feel for This story was for sure my favorite of all of them because of the characters I thought the really fun story within the collection was Rose Coloured Glasses which is such an enjoyable read This great pair of glasses allow for this girl to see people in a new light,
Review A Matter of Perception Tahlia NewlandTahlia Newland s A Matter of Perception, is a collection of urban fantasies and magical realism that is wonderfully written and thoroughly engaging I enjoyed all the stories, which although unrelated, share a thread of meaning All the characters are engaged experiences that fall on the edge between this reality and what lies beyond, some knowingly, others completely by accident However, the author does a wonderful job of making all the situations believable and all the characters people I cared about My favorite story is Not Me, It Can t Be, which tells the story of an ancient priestess marked for sacrifice, who brings hope to her later incarnation, a woman undergoing chemo in modern times A beautiful and moving re incarnational drama I also enjoyed the first story, A Hole in the Pavement, a sweet tale about a shy man who find the strength to talk to his dream woman, a modern goddess, and at the same time figures out how to stop falling into holes Mistral s Mistakes is a darker tale of what can happen when psychic powers are studied for the purpose of power rather than the gift they offer, and how karma can be turned around to create unanticipated outcomes In The Bone Yard, a woman is hoodwinked by sirens of the sea, and in The Rose Colored Glasses, a modern
A Matter of Perception is a collection of short storied that Tahlia Newland has created I have always been a fan of the whole powers and depth of characters portrayed in books and as I read Mistril s Mistake and A Hole in the Pavement which were the two that I loved I automatically loved the anthology

As you read on each of the six short stories represent a theme in them As I was reading through them all I started to get the sense of life lessons hidden within the words of the pages.

The Boneyard

The Boneyard really piqued my interest as I read it It is true that people live their lives in danger by making assumptions before hand and this can cause a drastic change in your life In other words, think before you act or else you will end up deeper into the mud than you were before and n