A Different Game

A Different Game You Know That Saying One Man S Trash Is Another Man S Treasure.I Found Out That It Was True At Least, That S What I D Thought A Year Earlier When A Few Stolen Moments With This One, Unexpected Girl, Turned My Heart To Mush.I Thought She Was Different.I Thought She Was Special But It Turned Out I Was Wrong.I Was The Kind Of Guy Who Learned From His Mistakes Quickly, So I Moved Away, Threw Myself Into My Budding Football Career, And I Was Determined To Make Something Of Myself And Focus On My Future.And It Worked, Despite Me Missing Her For A Short While, I Had Everything Figured Out Again Then, In One Split Second, It Was All Gone, Ripped Out From Beneath My Feet An Injury Forced Me Back Home To Winslow To Face The World I D Left Behind.But I Wasn T The Same Man When I Returned.I Was Different Now Too Different For Everything To Go Back The Way It Was Before JakeI Wasn T The Relationship Type I Was The Girl Who Mothers Warned Their Sons About I Was The Local Piece Of Trash.At Least, That S What They All Thought.None Of Them Ever Really Knew Me At All None Of Them Except Him.And Then He Left Me Alone And Confused He Forced Me To Hate Him, To Hate Them All I Wanted To Drift Away Leave Winslow Far Behind Me And Start Afresh Someplace Else Someplace New Somewhere I Could Become Anything And Anyone I Wanted To Be.But Then He Came Back, Dragging With Him Every Moment, Every Explicit Memory I Had Of Us Together And Dumping Them Unceremoniously At My Feet.I Wanted To Keep Hating Him I Wanted To Resist.But He Was Different Now So Cold, So Angry, And Sexy As All Hell He D Changed, And All My Plans For A Happy Ever After Were Shattered The Moment He Made The Decision To Return And Show Me Exactly What I D Been Missing While He D Been Gone I Was Screwed Melanie The story for A Different Game continued from the first in the series, The Wrong Game, but could easily stand alone The premise was interesting and the storylines featured a mercurial and atomically sensual relationship between two unlikely former college lovers with an unfortunate history, as well as uniquely dysfunctional family dynamics in both households The family drama had understandably resulted in significant and long term damage to all parties While it was well written, I struggled with this book as I am just not a fan of constant conflict and this story was a full on angst fest I was further hampered by my difficulty in scraping up an appreciation for many of the characters as they were not easily likable and than a bit obnoxious and prone to immature and selfish behavioral patterns Yet Ms Matthew s unique brand of storytelling and compelling narrative held my attention and I couldn t seem to put my Kindle down, despite my desire to growl and sigh despondently at the characters toxic and melodramatic train wreck displays Craftily written from a dual POV, I found considerably enjoyment and appeal in the characters inner musings than in their interpersonal interactions Melanie was my least favorite of the cast with her past behaviors, which were briefly recapped from the previous book, being highly promiscuous as well as maliciously vile and toxic and although she believed herself to have changed after college gra
I m so glad that I picked A Different Game by Charlie M Matthews Not only did I get a great, sexy, and emotional romance, but I also found a new writer that I have fallen in love with.I have not read the first book of this series which is about a different couple I didn t really have a hard time keeping up with the storyline or characters, but I will be reading the first book because I see that the stories flow together Melanie and Jake live in the same town Jake s life is in their small village, but Melanie is waiting to flee it She is looked down upon because of her past mistakes and feels like she can t breathe there Jake and Melanie shared a short period in the past, and both thought they could move on When Jake returns home, all bets are off Can they make this fling a relationship Will she ever be able to trust anyone again, especially someone who has the power to completely crush her Melanie was an intriguing character..she definitely isn t perfect, and people in the book seem to make some unfair judgments about her Yes, she made some bad choices, but no one ever asked why she did They assumed, never asking th
Melanie went through a rough period of time when she was younger, and with parents who checked out of her life, she was left on her own to grieve That had her acting out in different ways, basically burning every bridge in her life, which has made her the girl that no one wants around So she s doing her best to just work, and save every penny in order to move somewhere that no one knows her to start over Jake has been working hard in his football career, until an injury sent him home to Winslow to face the family life he left behind He s different now, but won t let anyone know what is truly going through his brain However, when he runs into Melanie, their past hurts collide, and yet, they can t stay away from each other, even though no one wants them together A Different Game is a great story that held every bit of my attention cover to cover The emotional journey that I was taken on, kept all of my emotions on my sleeve Melanie was a hurt soul, that didn t let anyone in to see the real her, and I wanted t
A Different Game By Charlie M Matthews So, what do you do when your world is ripped out from under your very feet What do you do when all you ve ever known is lost Do you fight Or do you just sit back and watch everything fade away Everyone has a story Everyone has a past And sometimes those stories and pasts define who we are Melanie has a past A past filled with happy memories and love, until one day those memories and love are ripped away When tragedy strikes her family, Melanie is shoved aside and she constructs a wall to protect herself from getting hurt again Jake has had it all Money, fame, and a loving family One secret rips his whole world in pieces, and Jake is faced with reality He needs to find who he is and what he wants, but at what cost Faced with the realisation that no one could be trusted, I learned quickly that I didn t need anyone in my life and I would treat others how they treated me I wouldn t love again This bookI loved it I love the characters, yes, even Melanie And I love how Charlie was able to keep the story flowing with The Wrong Game The intensity of the characters attraction has you wanting , while the heartache breaks you down A Different Game is just that, it s different R
After the brief exchanges I had with Melanie in the first installment, I was pretty certain I wasn t going to like her I won t spoil the first book if you haven t read it yet, but let s just say she was an acquired taste I m happy to report that oh boy, was I ever wrong Not only is Melanie a complex character to get into the mind of, but she s also engaging Add in the smoking hot Jake Knight and the chemistry between them and damn This author created some magic Charlie M Matthews really sucks you into this world she s created The culture of these characters and the world where they live surrounds you and you feel like a fly on the wall, sometimes yelling at the pages as though they can hear you What I love most about this writer, is the raw reality of her world Reading this book, I laughed, I cried, I even giggled out loud and ugly cried All of the emotions are there, wrapped up in these beautiful characters and their journey If you love a g
5 fantastic starsRead and reviewed for 3 Degrees of Fiction.I had not read the first book in this series but had no trouble following along with this story as a standalone.I have since picked up book 1 though because I have falling in love with the characters in this series The story flows smoothly and it will leave you a mess at times Jake and Mel have great chemistry and the struggles they face to come together are amazing.Mel s character really spoke to me because I too have lost metaphorically my brothers to drug addiction Loving someone with an addiction is hard and I dont think its talked about enough The picture painted is not pretty and not should it be It is however something that should be talked about.Odd bit of info this is the 3rd booK this year that I read where cousins who were extremely close turned out to be brothers Its weird because none of the books came from the same place and none had that i
I read the first book in this series and I loved it, so I count myself as extremely lucky to have been able to beta read this second book for the author Dont worry if you havent read The Wrong Game, this book works well as a standalone too It follows Mel and Jake through many ups and downs in their quest to be together Both have troubled pasts that influences how they react and behave towards each other and at times I really wanted to give them both a shake Although previously Mel was a bit of a bitch, I always knew that wasn t really the case I love her in this book and my heart went out to her when
I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this book as beta reader.This being the first of Charlies books that I have read, I didn t know what to expect But let me just say HOLY GRANOLI Charlie has managed to mix 2 of my favourite things in one bookfashion and English Football.If you havent read the first book no vret I didn t either This can be read as a standalone.The trials and tribulations that Melanie and Jake have to go through to finally realise they BELONG together is totally realistic nothing far fetched Jake gets you experiencing so many emotions..Do you hate him Do you love him Do you feel sorry for him.Melanie.ahhhh you can t help but just love her Feel some form of pity for all she has gone
A Different Game I was luckly enough to beta read for this author.This story is about love ,hurt and loss and how two people belong with each other but go though so much to get there Mel and Jake we meet in the wrong game.this can be read as a stand alone Mel is passionate crazy about fashion and longs to live a differnt lifeaway from her home town but theres just one problem him Jake is football crazy he lives footbball His future hangs in the balance but he wont addmit the truth to himself or anybody else.Then theres the girl he cant seem to
I haven t read the first book in this series, but I can honestly say that this book reads as a standalone so I didn t feel like I was missing anything.I have to admit it took me quite some time to get into this book I just did not like Mel at all But as the story goes on, her previous actions though not excusab