A Different Breed

A Different BreedJosh Hunts Vampires To Avenge His Slaughtered Twin Sister The Only Good Vamp Is A Dead Vamp, Period Richard Destroys His Prejudices In The First Few Moments Of Conversation And The Sexual Sparks Ignite Between Them Richard Offers The Stability Josh Never Had Josh Offers The Healing Richard Needs.But An Attack One Evening Leaves A Friend In The Hospital, Richard With A Bullet Through His Chest, And Josh Fighting To Piece Together What Happened Are Richard S Nightmare Attackers Real, Or Is Josh S Favorite Vamp Losing His Mind Is There A Reasonable Explanation Or Has The Hunter Now Become Prey Well, there goes my Angel Martinez winning streak I m actually surprised by how much I truly disliked this book But I really, really didn t enjoy this one, and the only reason that I finished it is because I wanted to review it properly First of all, if you are anti instalust followed by instalove, don t even think about buying this book I hate instalove, and I was absolutely gobsmacked by how fast the relationship between Josh and Richard moved Josh was supposedly this big bad vampire hunter who has killed scores of vampires to avenge his sister s death So WHY did he have a change of heart almost immediately upon meeting Richard, an ancient vampire, and within EIGHT MINUTES I checked my watch because I was so surprised was begging Richard to bang him The change in attitude gave me
The power of this book is in the robust worldbuilding that unfolds in the later sections of the book What seems to be an unfortunately bland vampire hunter setup explodes into 3D technicolor near the midpoint when Martinez takes the entire story somewhere fresh and exciting I only wish the first 100 pages had shown the invention and subtlety of the second Or that the familiarity of the tropes had been trotted out ironically There was AMPLE room for metaficitonal fun in a book that is so self aware that M M romance and pop culture vampires are sprinkled liberally throughout That missed opportunity would have transmuted a delightful book into an exceptional one In many ways this book doesn t really START until the surprise complication and source of the title is revealed And that s a pity I couldn t figure out why this plot wrinkle wasn t incorporated earlier The opportunities for juicy red herrings on both sides of the conflict were enormous and the new terrain would have made for tantalizing glimpses that made the I don t trust you but I love you turf seem less like a swampy slog And it would have helped us get through the when badasses collide quality so familiar from reams of vampire romance the past decade I must confess that I found our two heroes a little pallid and generic, because they were so quick to settle the obvious conflicts and sidestep the hideous obstacles between them Low stakes for them meant low stakes for us.A quandary that, because
Why I think this book is must get my 5 stars Let s start talking about the most interesting aspect the romance Both men will narrate the story Richard is a 900 years vampire, while Josh is a vampire hunter Nope, do not think as I did, and is was my big mistake it s the same old tale nothing can be new about this old enemies falling in love theme NO The characters are PERFECT to a romantic story Differently of what you may think the vampire is not the reluctant of the couple, trying to avoid at all cost to be emotionally committed Nope Josh is the lone soul of the book his pain, hate and fear of love be loved will break your heart But it s not only a romance, there is also great suspense and action partsBecause both men are fighters Richard a real knight in a shining armor defending his lovers, and being in terrible pain for his failures and Josh Oohhhhhhhhh Josh I LOVE HIM Sorry, in control of my hormones againJosh is a killing machine, with deadly fight skills and some extra inhuman cool powers I would love fights sorry, I m a big nerd. fan of fight and nerd stuff but I think the story is perfect the way it is maybe with fights my nerd brain would be happy, but there is don t worry some man kicking another man ass is there and HOT AS HELL when it s happen And to end my review let me talk very quickly about one thing the humor It will always and only be
Vampire and the hunter that is just one of the themes I like and A Different Breed gives me the right combination of likeable characters, action, angst, and romance I love how the story is told from Richard s the vampire and Josh s the hunter point of view Thus, as reader, I know what happens in both their mind Richard and Josh are engaging characters They both share a pain of losing someone close to them Richard loses his lover of twenty years to vicious hunter Josh loses his twin sister to a bad vampire It s lovely to read how the two develops into the relationship That they are just right for each other, despite their roles of vampire and hunter They find comfort in each other s arm.The secondary characters are wonderful as well Richard s angels three females that serve as his source of
This one is a little hard for me to rate I liked the plot and the twist on the traditional vampire story Richard is an amazing alpha vampire who is also very gentle, kind and refined Josh is the vampire hunter who is fierce, crude and non trusting Together they are great I don t normally like insta love stories and was hoping that the connection that they had meant something to explain the insta love but it didn t I also wanted to know if there was a real future for them or was Richard desti
Oh, what to say Awesome read The story comes across so vividly For once in a vampire book the vampire is such a MAN Richard is a warrior with a gentleman attitude Oh, soooo good The hunter, Josh, is a bit of a confused jerk but
I loved Finn so I was psyched when I came across A Different Breed I m kind of soured on vamp books right now but this is Angel Martinez so the book could have been about a bloodsucking garden gnome and I would have bought it.The way we meet Josh and Richard is cute A vampire hunter stalking a vampire looking through gay fantasy novels Josh is flummoxed by a vampire who loves a good gay fantasy but our man Josh is still all I will END you when it comes to any vampire It doesn t matter if the bloodsucker s taste in literature is excellent.So Josh, who s been trained and is now like a samurai ninja pirate death and gravity defying warrior, tracks Richard while Richard, blissfully ignorant, does very non sociopathic things Things like waving to shop owners, reading on a park bench and strolling through the woods Basically, Josh is hunting the vampire version of Mr.Rogers I was loving it.We ve got Josh who serial kills vampires and Richard who s a bit of a gentle soul I liked that it s the hunter whose actions, while you sympathize with him on some level, are the most vicious and cold hearted.It s near the very beginning that the story lost the fourth star for me Josh is drinking his Hate orade until he wakes up, has a conversation with Richard and
3.5 StarsI m not sure how to rate this I liked the story enough The world building was terrific but things happened pretty quickly read insta love Moreover, Josh pissed me the fuck off I loved, LOVED Richard He was an incredibly endearing and interesting character I
Just like any other red blooded woman, I love a sexy vampire story, and Angel Martinez has definitely delivered that in A Different Breed Not only is Richard a very sexy undead, he s definitely a different type of vampire than Josh is accustomed to dealing with So, not only is this a hot and sexy paranormal book, but it s a little different from the norm and that makes it even entertaining.Josh has spent the past three years hunting and killing vampires His sister, Jenny, was killed by a vampire and on the night she died, Josh attained an unusual ability He can sense any vampire, anywhere, at any time Good skill to have if you re a hunter Josh stalks and tries to kill Richard but discovers a sad, lonely, compassionate, and honorable man who also happens to be a vampire This throws Josh off course for a bit until he realizes that he s been lumping all vampires into the same category and perhaps Richard deserves the benefit of the doubt The fact that these two set fires of lust off in one another doesn t hurt the equation any Richard asks
Okay, the first intro of the title in the book was rather gimmicky and whatever, but w e.Ignore the cover The cover is melodramatic and kind of weird.This book It Was Amazing.Ish.I don t know what I expected, but it defied em anyways.Actually, I was going to create this whole simile with this book and The Kiss in The Princess Bride you know, the one that blew the rest of the Record Kisses away but idk, man.Richard is, like, the ultimate Woobie The insta love thing was a little weird in a bad ish way but it s fiction, so w e.And you know what Josh is a Pisces and so am I so, Pisces solidarity on that note.It s good There s a plot There s kind of intrigue There are moments where it s inane, which makes it wholesome.I didn t hate Josh, which is important, and Richard is just too damn adorable And Richard bottoms, too, which is also important I really wanted for him to bottom.Butit wasn t weird when Josh bottomed, which is also important Something about the way it s worked made it, well, work As opposed to O_o wtf Why the hell is he bottoming I also liked that the Hunter s Guild was an actual organize

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